Denver Broncos: Who made NFL Top 100 and who didn’t?

The Denver Broncos once again have players who are severely disrespected.

It’s become very well-known that the Denver Broncos are disrespected by any sort of list. The same goes for NFL Network’s Top 100 list for the 2020 season.

Out of the 100 players voted onto the list, just two members of the Broncos were named: Jurrell Casey at No. 71, and Von Miller at No. 26.

There were some notable players who were not on the list, including safety Justin Simmons (who really is the biggest snub), Courtland Sutton, and perhaps Melvin Gordon or Phillip Lindsay.

I’m very disappointed that Lindsay wasn’t on the list but really it is not all surprising. The arrival of Melvin Gordon hurts him in this regard as the two backs are going to split carries. As for how much of a difference in carries that will be, that is just something we will have to wait and see.

Sutton took over as the No. 1 receiver after the trade of Emmanuel Sanders and did not disappoint.

He caught 72 passes for 1,112 yards and six touchdowns in 2019, with three separate quarterbacks throughout the season.

That’s right. Three different quarterbacks throughout the season. It’s hard enough to put up those stats with one quarterback throwing the football. That right there is just proof that he is more than deserving to be on the list.

He made some ridiculous catches in 2019 too.

Simmons is one of the best free safeties in the league today. He’s very athletic and was arguably the best player on the Broncos defense during the 2019 season. The fact that he is not on the list is mind-blowing.

Coming in at No. 26 was outside linebacker Von Miller. Miller has been a dominant force for the Broncos since entering the league in 2011. In recent years, Miller made the Top 100 list at #9 in 2018, #2 in 2017, and #15 in 2016.

Miller did not put up double-digit sacks in 2019 like he has time and time again in the past, but he was still very effective on the Broncos defense.

Despite his lower-than-usual ranking, Miller is taking the high road.

It sucks to see him be lower than ever but here’s the thing…

This list does not really matter. It seems to just be a popularity contest, just like the Pro Bowl. There were so many things wrong with the list so the exclusion of some Broncos players is not all surprising. It’s just disappointing that the players themselves did not recognize some members of the Broncos as worthy of the Top 100.