Denver Broncos: Justin Simmons raves about Drew Lock

Denver Broncos quarterback Drew Lock has “it.”

Drew Lock took the league by storm with his play in 2020 and his infectious attitude along with talent at quarterback. Due to his swagger, the Denver Broncos rallied around their quarterback because they saw his potential. Safety Justin Simmons spoke to the guys over at Bleacher Report about Lock specifically and he said he has “it.”

Professional athletes are not idiots. They can recognize talent a mile away. Simmons is rightfully saying Drew Lock has “it.”

Everyone in Colorado (and national media, who knows) saw exactly how the team rallied around the young quarterback because his talent and swagger is infectious. We saw it with how wide receiver Courtland Sutton specifically embraced Lock in interviews and on-field chemistry. Later there would be other players follow suit after the Los Angeles Chargers game.

Athletes are not exactly ones to go through the motions to say things when it happens to be about specific players and their talent. This is when leaders and team captains show their belief in teammates.

There is nothing wrong in showing faith in players and wanting them to succeed at the highest level. When it specifically comes from another fellow leader like Simmons it means a lot. This means there is leadership and intangibles with Lock at quarterback a whole team can go to battle for and with.

As we mentioned earlier, Lock has a swagger and confidence quarterbacks must have in today’s NFL. This stems simply from a player (Lock) believing in his God-given ability to perform at the highest of levels.

Another underrated factor of Simmons’ comment stems back to Lock’s first order of business as a rookie in 2019. If all of you recall, when Lock was drafted he mentioned it is import for him to win over the locker room and then let that translate to the field.

Of course, this comment was made in speaking about working with new quarterback Joe Flacco. We all know the ending to this story.

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Based on everything we all have seen from the five games with Lock at the helm, Simmons is 100 percent right in his comments about the quarterback.