Happy 60th birthday to Denver Broncos legend John Elway

Today, we celebrate the 60th birthday of Denver Broncos legendary quarterback John Elway.

It was on this day 60 years ago that the the greatest quarterback in Denver Broncos history was born. John Elway would end up getting drafted by the Baltimore Colts, but traded to the Broncos in 1983.

So much greatness followed.

The Broncos would end up winners of 10 or more games in a season nine separate times and make the playoffs in 10 of the seasons led by Elway.

During Elway’s playing career, he had some amazing players around him. As a football player, that is one of the best gifts you can have because while there are individual achievements, the most important achievements are the ones you contribute to as a team.

That was what Elway and the Broncos did in 1997 and 1998, as they won back-to-back Super Bowls, earning the greatest achievement in pro football, and possibly even pro sports as a whole.

The Super Bowl is the greatest stage on earth and Elway got to play in a total of five. Unfortunately, the team was unable to win the first three, but ending a career with back-to-back Super Bowl victories is the sweetest way to go out. On top.

Despite losing three Super Bowls, Elway was part of some great games, including perhaps the most famous non-Super Bowl game of his career: The Drive.

Elway has also been underrated as a general manager of the Broncos. He has drafted some great talent since becoming GM and also has helped lure some great talents to Denver in free agency.

There is no doubt that it has been an up and down time as general manager of the team, but Elway should get a lot of credit for the team’s achievements over the years.

Elway has also been known in the business world, owning car dealerships as well as restaurants. Making sure fans and customers are happy is something he wants every day.

Let’s raise a glass to Mr. Elway. During these troubling times around the world, let’s take a step back and appreciate all that he has done for the Broncos ever since joining the team back in 1983.

Happy Birthday, John. We hope it was a great one!