Denver Broncos: 2015 defense voted best of decade by PFF

Denver Broncos rated the best defense of the decade per PFF.

Let’s hop into the DeLorean and into the time machine. There we will travel back to the 2015 season where the Denver Broncos were Super Bowl Champions beating the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50.

During that season, the Broncos were unstoppable in every phase of their defense. With a pass rush that boasted Von Miller, DeMarcus Ware, Shane Ray and Shaquille Barrett it was devastating to be a quarterback.

The secondary and defensive line were not outdone either. Aqib Talib, Chris Harris Jr., Bradley Roby, Kayvon Webster, Darian Stewart and T.J. Ward were part of the “No Fly Zone.” The defensive line with Derek Wolfe, Malik Jackson, Sylvester Williams and Vance Walker along with a fast linebacker corps made the defense complete.

In the 2015 season, the Broncos were the top defensive team in pass defense and third in rushing defense. Turnovers are one of the most underrated statistics that flip field position and create opportunities for defense as well as offense.

The Broncos ranked inside the top 10 of turnovers. Turnovers were one of the most impressive aspects of the season the Broncos had as a whole. While in nearly every game, the Broncos seemed to control the outcome from the start. If there was a moment to flip momentum back to the Broncos’ side, the defense would always respond with a turnover. There were games that were close, but based on the opportunities the defense took it seemed they were always the right one in favor of the Broncos.

Despite the constant success the team had every week as a defensive unit, the Broncos were heavily doubted as underdogs in every game. This only fueled more motivation to produce a swagger and charisma for a team that became their mantra.

The time anyone doubted the Broncos was when they would rise to the occasion and play to their expectations. They were a team unlike any other. Along with being rated as the top unit according to Pro Football Focus, the Broncos also should be nationally recognized more as a top defensive unit all-time based on adversity and challenges faced week in and week out.

The cherry on top of what makes the Broncos defense an all-time defense is the team’s quarterbacks they faced en route to a Super Bowl ring. The Broncos faced the Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots and Carolina Panthers.

All of those teams boasted a top quarterback at the respective positions. Yet, the Broncos defense rose to the occasion once more when it mattered most. Miller had yet to taste the postseason and he made it memorable. In nearly every postseason game, Miller averaged 2.5 sacks.

The rest of the defense put constant pressure on Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger and Cam Newton to where they became rattled. In the AFC Championship, despite moments of stress, the Broncos seemed to be in control all throughout that game. The game against the Patriots will go down as a Broncos and NFL classic. As well of course another episode of the Manning/Brady rivalry.

Derek Carr even said himself the defense was too much for their team to handle.

Carr would know. He was one of many quarterback victims during that season that took on a bunch of punishment from the Broncos’ pass rush.

Is the Denver Broncos defense the best ever? For Aqib Talib, it was his favorite team.

The Denver Broncos 2015 defense rated the best of the decade gets the recognition it deserves.