Denver Broncos: Drew Lock speaks highly of Joe Flacco

Drew Lock had good things to say about Joe Flacco’s professionalism.

So much was made in the 2019 offseason about Joe Flacco’s comments when he was asked about being a mentor to young Drew Lock, one of the Broncos’ second-round picks in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Flacco’s quote wasn’t rude by any means, but in so many words, he said he wasn’t in Denver to mentor or develop Lock. He was there to win games.

He was right.

Flacco’s comments were not received well by the entirety of Broncos Country even though he was saying what any competitor should say, and at the time, there was confidence in Flacco from everyone in the Broncos’ organization to truly be an upgrade at the quarterback position last season.

Unfortunately for Flacco, things really didn’t work out at all. His play was not where it needed to be to help the team, and he suffered a season-ending neck injury that ultimately paved the way for Lock to get playing time late in 2019.

The assumption was that Flacco’s comments about not wanting to help develop Lock would create awkward tension in the Broncos’ quarterback room, but according to Lock himself, that was not the case.

In an interview with the Zapped podcast, Lock said that Flacco was not only helpful to him but encouraging as he took the reins late in the 2019 season.

You can listen to the full podcast here, but be advised that some of the language is NSFW.

Lock is really a tremendous individual. He comes across as very confident but not cocky, very fun but he takes his job very seriously at the same time.

He’s perceptive, humble, and very attentive to the details.

In this interview, he’s talking about his comfort level with the locker room and being part of the team in general, talking about how he knows the equipment staff and the cafeteria staff.

How many starting quarterbacks in the NFL are talking about that stuff?

It shows that Lock is a true leader with a deep understanding of his surroundings and genuine care for the people and personality types around him. No matter how successful he is in the NFL, that kind of attitude and approach to life, in general, is going to make Lock a success.

In case you didn’t already like Lock enough, this interview is going to make you like him even more.