Denver Broncos: 4 men who should have their own documentary

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Denver Broncos

Michael Jordan, Washington Wizards president of team operations.

With little in the way of sports content on television these days, sports fans around the globe soaked up ESPN’s excellent 10-part documentary, The Last Dance. 

For those who are into watching documentaries of any sort, there is often nothing better than one done really well. The Last Dance, dedicated to the Chicago Bulls of the Michael Jordan era, was exactly that.

For fans of the Denver Broncos, a good documentary right now dedicated to a player (or important figure) from the team’s history would be a welcome sight on the television.

The Broncos have one of the most storied histories of any team in the NFL. As such, there are many candidates to receive a documentary on their careers. There are a few guys who have already had a documentary dedicated to them.

NFL Network’s show, A Football Life has profiled both Terrell Davis and Lyle Alzado. John Elway and his path to the Broncos in the 1983 NFL draft was showcased in the ESPN: 30 for 30 special titled Elway to Marino.

Elway and Peyton Manning are both obvious choices for future documentaries. But they may also appeal to only hardcore fans of the team and the league. Because there will almost certainly be multiple stories on each of the legendary quarterbacks at some point in time, they were omitted from this list.

To appeal to a casual fan, a good documentary would need to include some sort of controversy, tragedy or groundbreaking event.

You’ll likely be surprised, and hopefully learn something new, regarding the names on this list.

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