Denver Broncos: The top jerseys fans should buy in 2020

The Denver Broncos have a number of players worthy of a jersey purchase in 2020. How should fans prioritize which ones to get first?

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DENVER, CO - DECEMBER 1: Courtland Sutton #14 of the Denver Broncos is congratulated by fans after a first quarter touchdown catch against the Los Angeles Chargers at Empower Field at Mile High on December 1, 2019 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)

Buying a jersey is not always a straightforward experience. For the Denver Broncos, or any football jersey really, the process of going through with purchasing a player's jersey has to be well thought out.

A full-price jersey costs $100, not a small piece of merchandise or memorabilia for the majority of fans. Because of the high cost of a jersey, each purchase means the fan is investing substantially in a particular player.

To invest in a jersey, a player should be around for more than a season (nobody wants a $100 rental jersey these days) or a legacy player. There should be some star power involved but if someone is going to represent a player by wearing their name and number, that player should exemplify qualities on and off the field worthy of that kind of representation.

For the first time since the 2012-15 seasons, the Denver Broncos actually have a lot of players worthy of a jersey purchase.

That makes the choice right now even more difficult. Even if you can only pick two, it's a tough call deciding which ones to pull the trigger on in this new era of Denver Broncos football.

I'm here to help sort this all out.

Working under the assumption that the majority of fans who wear jerseys already have Von Miller's no. 58 somewhere in their closet, here are the top jerseys you should consider buying for the 2020 Denver Broncos season and beyond.

10. #13 KJ Hamler, WR

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COLLEGE PARK, MD - SEPTEMBER 27: KJ Hamler #1 of the Penn State Nittany Lions runs with the ball during a college football game against the Maryland Terrapins at Capital One Field at Maryland Stadium on September 27, 2019 in College Park, Maryland. (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)

There is unquestionably risk involved with purchasing the jersey of a rookie, but there's nothing wrong with taking the risk on the speedy KJ Hamler.

Although the ghost of Trevor Siemian in no. 13 might be enough to scare some people off, Hamler undoubtedly gives this number some new life.

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Hamler is expected to be a significant boost to the Broncos' offense in the 2020 season, even if he doesn't lead the team in receptions.

He brings an element of speed that the Broncos have maybe never had at the position.

The question here is -- do you like/trust his college tape enough to get a jersey in his first NFL season, or do you wait on this one until year two or three?

There's always a 'cool' factor to having a player's jersey before it's popular to have it, then watching that player turn out to be great. I will not soon forget having to customize a Brandon Marshall jersey back in 2007 before he was a household name in Denver.

That was a great jersey for three seasons.

Although there's risk involved given Hamler plays at a deep position for the Broncos, his jersey will be a fun one to have in your collection.

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9. #27 Steve Atwater, HOF safety

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Denver Broncos safety Steve Atwater (27) during the AFC Divisional Playoff Game, a 38-3 victory over the Miami Dolphins on January 9, 1999, at Mile High Stadium in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by William R. Sallaz/Getty Images) *** Local Caption ***


If you're the type of fan who only buys 'legacy' player jerseys, then this is a great year to get a Steve Atwater no. 27 if you don't already have one.

Atwater is one of the most popular all-time Broncos players, and if you go to games or training camp you often see some of his throwback jerseys sprinkled among the other players, but this is a big year for Atwater.

The Ring of Fame safety is being enshrined into the Hall of Fame this fall, so now is a perfect time to represent the latest Denver Broncos Hall of Famer by donning his jersey on gamedays.

Atwater is one of the hardest-hitting safeties of all-time, but he's also one of the best all-around safeties to ever play the game. His jersey should be in every Denver Broncos fan's collection.

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8. #87 Noah Fant, TE

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DENVER, CO - SEPTEMBER 29: Tight end Noah Fant #87 of the Denver Broncos celebrates his first quarter touchdown against the Jacksonville Jaguars at Empower Field at Mile High on September 29, 2019 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

If you didn't already go out and get a Noah Fant jersey right after he was drafted in the first round in 2019, this year could be the year.

After a slow start in his rookie season, Fant was outstanding in the second half of the season, especially in games against the Cleveland Browns and Houston Texans.

A big-play threat with size and speed, Fant has all of the tools and traits to be the next best young tight end in the game.

A big-play threat with size and speed, Fant has all of the tools and traits to be the next best young tight end in the game.

It seemed like Fant was good for at least one big play every week, even amidst a struggle with some drops here and there and the occasional missed blocking assignment.

Fant wasn't perfect, but few rookies are.

With that being said, the no. 87 for Denver has often been a good jersey for fans to buy. In the 90s, it was made popular by wide receiver Ed McCaffrey. From 2011-2013, Eric Decker was a star player rocking it.

Now Fant has a chance to cement his legacy in 87, and he should be a key piece of this talented Broncos offense going forward.

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7. #66 Dalton Risner, LG

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DENVER, CO - DECEMBER 22: Dalton Risner #66 of the Denver Broncos walks in the bench area during a game against the Detroit Lions at Empower Field on December 22, 2019 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)

It's rare to invest in an offensive lineman's jersey, but Dalton Risner is exactly the kind of exception you want to make.

Especially that no. 66 color rush jersey...

Risner is a Colorado kid, the guy who sprinted over to John Elway at the Senior Bowl in 2019 just to pay reverence to one of his childhood idols.

He spoke openly throughout the draft process about how badly he wanted to play for his home-state Broncos, and his dreams became reality.

Not only that, but Risner proved himself as a rookie, providing the Broncos with consistently good play at the left guard position. He should be around Denver for a long time to come, and with the way Risner represents himself on and off the field, he is most definitely a player worth the jersey investment, even though he will likely not ever touch the ball.

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6. #55 Bradley Chubb, OLB

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DENVER, CO - SEPTEMBER 29: Outside Linebacker Bradley Chubb #55 of the Denver Broncos defends on the play against the Jacksonville Jaguars during the first quarter at Empower Field at Mile High on September 29, 2019 in Denver, Colorado. The Jaguars defeated the Broncos 26-24. (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

The NFL is certainly a 'what have you done for me lately' industry, and the fact that Bradley Chubb missed all but four games of his second season has caused many to forget what he's capable of.

Chubb is going to cement himself as a superstar in the NFL before long, and his is a jersey worth having in your closet.

Even entering his third NFL season, Chubb has three years left on his rookie deal if the Broncos want it (fifth-year option).

In his first 20 NFL games, Chubb has 13 sacks, 27 QB hits, 19 tackles for loss, and a very nice 46 QB pressures.

This guy relentlessly gets after the quarterback, and he's only going to get better and better as the game slows down for him.

As Von Miller continues to get older, Chubb can cement himself as the future alpha for the Denver Broncos' defensive front and pass rush. He should be a decade-plus long player in the NFL and a hopeful future Ring of Famer for the Broncos.

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5. #30 Phillip Lindsay, RB

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DENVER, COLORADO - DECEMBER 22: Phillip Lindsay #30 of the Denver Broncos carries the ball against the Detroit Lions in the fourth quarter at Empower Field at Mile High on December 22, 2019 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

A Denver local who is the only undrafted rookie running back to ever make the Pro Bowl in his first NFL season?

Back-to-back 1,000 yard rushing seasons to open his NFL career?

Phillip Lindsay is everything fans love. He's the underdog, the Cinderella story, the local kid, and he's proven himself to be anything but a fluke so far in two seasons.

I will go so far as to say that Lindsay is a player who deserves potentially multiple colors of jerseys in your closet. He's that good.

Even with the questions surrounding his future with the team having just one year left on his rookie contract before he becomes a restricted free agent in 2020, Lindsay should remain in Denver for the foreseeable future.

This is, again, exactly the type of guy you want to represent with a jersey. He worked his tail off to defy a number of incredible odds stacked against him and is now an established stud with the Broncos.

He should have a new contract soon enough.

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4. #10 Jerry Jeudy, WR

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SANTA CLARA, CA - JANUARY 07: Jerry Jeudy #4 of the Alabama Crimson Tide reacts after making a first down reception against the Clemson Tigers in the CFP National Championship presented by AT&T at Levi's Stadium on January 7, 2019 in Santa Clara, California. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

The risk here is worth the potential reward.

Jerry Jeudy is a rare player with a potential five-year jersey relevance window and an even rarer case where you're almost certain he will be around for more than that.

Jeudy is coming off of a tremendous career at Alabama where he wore the jersey no. 4 and won the Biletnikoff in 2018 after a National Title in 2017. He became the Broncos' first-round pick in 2020 after a stellar junior campaign with the Crimson Tide.

Now, he's going to be rocking the no. 10, most recently worn by Emmanuel Sanders.

Although Jeudy is a rookie, he's got instant star power for the Broncos. He's an NFL-ready talent with an awesome pedigree coming from one of the most respected and revered football schools in the country.

Although there's certainly risk involved, Jeudy's jersey is one worth investing in early on.

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3. #31 Justin Simmons, S

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DENVER, CO - DECEMBER 22: Justin Simmons #31 of the Denver Broncos stands on the field as he warms up before a game against the Detroit Lions at Empower Field at Mile High on December 22, 2019 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)

As Cameron Parker wrote, Justin Simmons is a franchise cornerstone piece for the Denver Broncos.

This guy is a stud on the field and off, and is coming off of a tremendous fourth season with the team which resulted in him getting slapped with the franchise tag.

Although Simmons could play on the tag and the Broncos could choose to let him stick around for just one more season, both sides want to get a long-term deal done and the smart odds are on Simmons being a Bronco for the remaining years of his NFL prime.

With that being the case, there might not be a safer jersey to purchase presently than Simmons' no. 31. As a matter of fact, Simmons is another player who is likely worthy of multiple colors of jerseys in your closet, especially if the team releases his color rush threads to the public.

That is a very nice looking top.

The Broncos' Walter Payton Man of the Year nominee, Simmons represents everything you want in a player on the field and off.

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2. #14 Courtland Sutton, WR

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DENVER, CO - DECEMBER 1: Courtland Sutton #14 of the Denver Broncos warms up before a game against the Los Angeles Chargers at Empower Field at Mile High on December 1, 2019 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)

Courtland Sutton is coming off of a breakout campaign for the Broncos, and though he would have been in the same camp as KJ Hamler two years ago, he's now entrenched himself as one of the must-have jerseys among all Denver Broncos players.

Sutton's emergence in his second NFL season was a sight to behold, and entering his third NFL season with stability at the quarterback position, there's no telling how high his ceiling will be.

In addition to being one of the best football players on the team, Sutton is one of the most likable guys at a position where you typically expect a diva mentality.

He definitely has a lot of personality, but he's a leader and a team-first guy.

Some might be hesitant on a Sutton jersey with just two seasons left on his rookie contract, but keep in mind the Broncos also have the franchise tag option for a fifth season and they won't likely need to use the tag on anyone else from his class thanks to Bradley Chubb having a fifth-year contract option built-in.

That means a Sutton no. 14 jersey should be good for at least the next three years, and he has the feel of a player the Broncos will definitely want to build around for the foreseeable future.

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1. #3 Drew Lock, QB

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DENVER, CO - DECEMBER 22: Quarterback Drew Lock #3 of the Denver Broncos signals to a teammate against the Detroit Lions during the second quarter at Empower Field at Mile High on December 22, 2019 in Denver, Colorado. The Broncos defeated the Lions 27-17. (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

Take the plunge, Broncos Country.

That is, if you haven't already.

Yes, Drew Lock has played in five games. Yes, especially with a jersey you want to play it safe at the quarterback position. People have been fooled in the past.

I don't see that happening here.

I am one of the guilty parties who purchased a Paxton Lynch jersey in 2016. I was certain that because he was a first-round pick that he would eventually figure things out.

That didn't happen.

This time around, the energy surrounding Drew Lock is completely different. He has brought an infectious swagger to the Denver Broncos' locker room, a winning attitude, great leadership qualities, and generally a likability that has the vast majority of Broncos Country hopeful for the future.

You may not be into purchasing jerseys before players are established, and that's okay, but for my $100, the best jersey right now for the Denver Broncos is a no. 3 Drew Lock jersey, any and all colors.

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Lock has so many star qualities, and even though he's not yet established himself as a star in the NFL, the future is bright.