Derek Wolfe’s mentality will be missed in Denver

Derek Wolfe’s time in Denver has come to an end with the news that he is joining the Baltimore Ravens. Here’s why the Broncos will miss him in 2020.

It has been a rough offseason for Broncos Country, especially for those who had a love for in the in-house free agents set to hit the market. We first saw the likes of Chris Harris Jr, Connor McGovern and Will Parks depart, and over the weekend, another fan favorite made his departure with the news that Derek Wolfe signed a one-year deal with the Baltimore Ravens.

While it was expected, it is still a tough loss, as Wolfe was one of the few remaining members left of the Super Bowl 50 roster, and has been a huge fan favorite throughout. What may make it even tougher for some fans, is according to Wolfe’s wife, Abigail, Denver never made Derek an offer. It is likely that negotiations stalled due to price differential between Wolfe’s camp and the Denver front office.

What we do know, is that the Baltimore Ravens will be getting an ultimate team leader in Wolfe, and will get a boost to their defensive line production.

While Denver was able to boost their defensive line with the addition of beast Jurrell Casey and the re-signing of Shelby Harris and Mike Purcell, there will be something missing in 2020.

Not just Derek Wolfe’s production after coming off of a personal best year prior to his elbow injury in 2019, but the mentality and attitude Derek Wolfe brought onto the field each and every week during his time in Denver.

From the time he was drafted out of Cincinnati in the second round in the 2012 NFL Draft, it was apparent immediately that he was a guy you wanted on your team and one that you did not want to go up against. He made an immediate impact as a rookie and finished the season with six sacks, his second highest sack total just behind his seven sack season in 2019.

However, Wolfe has always been about more than the sacks. His mental game is his strongest suit. Wolfe bears his last name well with his imposing size and nastiness on the field.

He is not only nasty as a player with his wolf howl and thousand-yard stare, but his work ethic and desire are unmatched. Although we saw many Wolfe injuries, he always fought to be back on the field with his brothers as soon as possible and was the last guy you’d see give up on a play.

Derek Wolfe’s company, DEFWU, is a perfect example of the character he represents (DEFWU stands for Don’t Ever Mess With Us…or something like that but we can’t say here).

Although Wolfe may not provide the sexiest stats, he is a leader and a locker room anchor. He will fight until the whistle blows and then some. If you’re Tom Brady, he’ll threaten to eat your children as he glares you down pre-snap.

Although Denver has gotten better in the offseason, there is no doubt that they will miss their WereWolfe in 2020. He is a warrior with an unmatched warrior mentality.

Here is a Mile High Salute to Derek Wolfe. Thank you for the memories.