Chris Harris Jr.: Door “pretty much closed” on return to Broncos

Broncos free agent cornerback Chris Harris Jr. said on NFL Network said the door has been closed on a return to Denver.

The Denver Broncos have been preparing for the departure of cornerback Chris Harris Jr. this offseason. They have traded for A.J. Bouye from the Jacksonville Jaguars and are going to explore the possibilities of adding other players to the position.

It seemed inevitable that Harris Jr. was no longer going to be a member of the Broncos once free agency begins. He said on NFL Network recently that a return to Denver is pretty much not going to happen.

In the interview, an employee on the network, asked him the question about a return to Denver straight up. Harris Jr.’s response was:

“Nah, man. I think that’s pretty much, door’s been closed. Trying to move on to the next situation that’s best for me and try to figure out who’s excited to have me in the building and have me part of their team.”

Cornerback Chris Harris Jr. on NFL Network

It is a sad reality that Harris will no longer be on the Denver Broncos once free agency begins. Even with the uncertainty of when it will start, Harris Jr. has obviously checked out of the building and is ready to move on to a new franchise.

I mean, it was certainly expected but there was always at least a little bit of hope that something would change and he would continue to be a member of the Broncos. But that sadly will not be the case.

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The Broncos franchise tagged safety Justin Simmons on Friday. They were never going to tag Harris Jr. and will have to look elsewhere for cornerback depth.

It will be interesting to see who they add, whether it be through free agency or the NFL Draft. With the trade for A.J. Bouye, it seems very unlikely that the team will go after another top-tier cornerback such as Byron Jones, a guy who many had hoped would end up in the Mile High City.

But now that Harris Jr. is basically done in Denver, it is fair to say that cornerback could be a high priority in the upcoming NFL Draft.