Denver Broncos: A.J. Bouye brings potential lockdown corner to secondary

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LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 03: A.J Bouye of Jacksonville Jaguars heads out the tunnel prior to the NFL game between Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars at Wembley Stadium on November 03, 2019 in London, England. (Photo by Alex Davidson/Getty Images)

The Denver Broncos first move was a “booyah” to the secondary and allows the team to have a lockdown corner every week.

A.J. Bouye became the newest addition to the Denver Broncos last week which will marks the beginning of the frenzy that will soon happen in free agency.

Bouye is a lockdown corner who has played with the Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars. He will come to a Broncos with a familiar face making the transition seamless. That player is safety Kareem Jackson. Jackson was a cornerback with the Texans as well as Bouye once upon a time. Houston is where Bouye’s career took off. When he moved on to the Jaguars there was up-and-down play.

Before we talk about what Bouye brings to the table it is important to talk about being wanted. This is in reference to Vic Fangio, head coach of the Denver Broncos.

Back when Fangio was with the Chicago Bears, he wanted Bouye in the mix for his secondary in 2017.

It never happened as Bouye decided to go play for Jacksonville. Fangio wanting Bouye bodes well for the corner in 2020. It means the head coach believes in the player to have a successful role in the defense and locker room. Bouye fills the void that will be left by free agent cornerback Chris Harris Jr. who is not expected to return to the Broncos in 2020 at this point.

Bouye was exceptional in recovery speed with the Houston Texans and trusting his eyes when lined up with a wide receiver. His fluid hips keep him side by side with a number one wide receiver down the field.

With the Jacksonville Jaguars, he did struggle to track the ball at times, but his positive traits are still there. There were times he showed he can bounce back nicely when a wideout beat him. He fits well with Fangio because he understands his role in a zone defense. Bouye can lock down an entire side or allow the safety to help out if an opportunity arises to take advantage. He should fit smoothly in coverage.

The other is a Fangio staple: tackling. Bouye is exceptional wrapping up players in the open field. He does not let very many people get past him. His trait also helps out in the run game. He is a willing corner capable of doing dirty work helps in run defense.

The responsibility of a strong tackler also helps in the secondary because it means he doesn’t allow many mistakes after the catch. When Bouye is close to a wide receiver he does not let go. He is a truly viable weapon in the secondary and someone Fangio will trust with assignments.

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The trade of Bouye was a “booyah” move for the Denver Broncos and its secondary. He is a really good corner that understands his responsibility. He had his fair share of mistakes with the Jaguars and some could have been played numerous factors. With Bouye returning to a situation he will feel comfortable in and a location he wanted to be, it seems like a match made in heaven for Denver.