Broncos move on from Mitch Tanney in personnel decision

Denver Broncos (Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images)
Denver Broncos (Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images) /

As John Elway and the Broncos prepare for the scouting combine, a move was made in the personnel department as the team and Mitch Tanney have moved on.

The Denver Broncos have made another personnel move in the organization as the team prepares to scout the up and coming college players that will participate in the scouting combine in the next few days. Mitch Tanney, who was the team’s director of football analytics, is no longer with the Broncos as both parties decided to part ways.

According to Mike Klis, Tanney decided to move on just a month after Mike Sullivan did. Sullivan was the contract negotiator and salary cap manager for the Broncos. After when it seemed all the holes in the Broncos organization were finally filled, another job has opened up within.

But the thought is that it will not last long. Mike Klis said that a source close to John Elway said the replacement will be made within. Some names that have popped up are Scott Flaska, who was Mitch Tanney’s assistant.

So, what role did Tanney have within the organization? Chad Jensen from Mile High Huddle explains his job as the guy who helped Vic Fangio make some decisions on key situations such as fourth downs and two point conversions. Tanney would give him the odds of success on such plays.

Depending on where the Denver Broncos go from the stand point of that job, it could impact decisions made on game day. It is amazing how much one little change like an individual who tells the head coach if he will be successful on key situations can make on a football team.

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Expect this job to get filled rather quickly. It will be important to have all the coaching and personnel jobs filled before the start of the new league year next month.