Denver Broncos: Hard to ignore the talent of Jalen Reagor

One area that is quick to duplicate the Kansas City Chiefs offense is by adding speed to the Denver Broncos offense. Jalen Reagor is a possible target.

I’ve got the need. The need for speed. This alone should be the mantra by which the Denver Broncos address free agency or the NFL Draft at the wide receiver position.

Denver had young players before like Isaiah McKenzie and Carlos Henderson, but those players never lived up to their potential with the Broncos. There were obvious speed and potential with both, but it never turned out the way the Broncos had hoped.

This year, there are numerous players in the 2020 NFL Draft that catch the eye in terms of speed. Let’s visit the Big 12 Conference where one player electrified with game-breaking speed.

TCU receiver Jalen Reagor is not as polished as a popular Broncos target, Alabama receiver Henry Ruggs III, but both players have something that is not teachable — elite speed. It does not matter what sport a person plays. Speed changes the outcome of games. The Denver Broncos desperately need a player to take the lid off a defense.

Reagor is an elite flat line runner who is both fast and quick. Denver needs a receiver that can take a route and go. In some ways, Reagor runs like a running back in that regard. The minute he sees a hole he uses his speed to get him to the second level as fast as a hiccup.

One of the routes Reagor does exceptionally well is the slot fade. This particular play call is one that can present problems for red zone defenses with the addition of Reagor. Both Courtland Sutton and Noah Fant are big bodies capable of doing it, but Reagor is a smaller wide receiver who is not afraid to play bigger than his size. His fearlessness and ability to be a bully to opposing cornerbacks should excel at the next level. When you mix speed with physicality, you get a wide receiver that should belong in the first round.

Time to address the elephant in the room. Jalen Reagor and the dropped passes. Yes, Reagor did have his fair share of drops, but when you watch the tape of the TCU games you will notice the quarterback play was less than ideal for any wide receiver. Reagor did all he could to make plays happen with bad quarterback play.

This is the mark of a great receiver. Despite the drops he stills performs at the highest of levels. While Ruggs may be a better route runner, Reagor still is not far off. There is some great teaching happening from position coach Zach Azzanni in Denver. Look at Sutton who emerged as a much stronger route runner in year two after working with ‘Coach Z’.

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Ruggs is arguably the better talent, but Reagor is more than capable of turning heads at the NFL Combine with his blazing speed. If it came down to Ruggs and Reagor, then I’d hate to make that call. At the end of the day, you cannot go wrong with either one.