Roger Goodell provides his thoughts on Broncos ownership

While the Denver Broncos continue to operate without a true owner in the front office, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell gives his thoughts on the situation.

When Pat Bowlen stepped down from his ownership duties for the Denver Broncos, it is quite a tough time having to deal without a true owner. I am sure some of Broncos Country can agree that they have done a good job without a true owner. Although, there are others in Broncos Country who are not huge on some of the controlling members.

While it does appear that Brittany Bowlen will be the lady who runs the show for the Denver Broncos in a few years, some are not keen on the move. And if they decide they do not like the move, the team will be sold.

Roger Goodell met with the media at the annual Super Bowl press conference. He had some tidbits to share about the state of the Broncos regarding ownership.

“It starts with what Pat Bowlen’s wishes were. He established the trust to make sure there was an orderly transition of the franchise if something were to happen to him. Unfortunately, that did, and Pat wanted to make sure that the franchise was in good hands, in good management.”

-Roger Goodell

Goodell even remarked about how the current state of the team is when it comes to the public battles that have surfaced since the trust took over.


“I don’t think he’d be happy about the public disputes that are going on. Unity is something that I think as an organization in the NFL, you have one person who makes a decision on behalf of an ownership group.”

-Roger Goodell

As the Denver Broncos continue to figure out the ownership situation, Roger Goodell brings up some good points. It is time for this situation to resolve. I am hopeful that it does with Brittany Bowlen taking over in the future.

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If it is impossible for the family to get behind Brittany, the whole Bowlen family can kiss the Denver Broncos franchise goodbye. And for how successful Pat was as Broncos owner, it would be a real shame if the family could not hold on to their father’s franchise over some silly argument.