On This Date: Tim Tebow leads Broncos to postseason win

Eight years ago, a quarterback named Tim Tebow ignited the Denver Broncos and their half decade success when he helped upset the Steelers in 2012.

Even though the Denver Broncos are not participating in this year’s postseason, there was a time where the team had some success. If we are being honest, that first half of the decade success would not have happened if it were not for a quarterback named Tim Tebow.

After the 28 games in which the franchise was in a dark cloud due to a certain current offensive coordinator on the east coast, the Broncos tried to bring themselves back and started Tim Tebow in the final three games of the 2010 season.

2011 saw Tebow as the backup through four and a half games before finding himself on the field on a 1-3 Broncos team when John Fox pulled the plug on Orton and put in Tebow. He almost lead the Broncos to the win that day, but would help the team go on a run that most games were dubbed “Tebow Time.”

The Denver Broncos would win seven of their final 11 games, including five wins were the Broncos found themselves facing defeat. The two games that stood out to me during that time was the win against the Jets and Bears.

Despite losing the final three games of the 2011 season, the Denver Broncos would win the division and host a playoff game. The opponent, the Pittsburgh Steelers who were the defending AFC Champions. Tebow and the Broncos had a tough task ahead of them.

However, the Broncos shocked everyone that day. Despite finding themselves down a 6-0 hole after the first quarter, the Broncos exploded for 20 points in the second quarter. They were up by the 20-6 score at the half.

Pittsburgh would come back as they outscored Denver 17-3 in the second half. Overtime would have to decide the game. The new overtime rules for the playoffs stated that a field goal alone on the first drive would not help you win, it would only extend the game. You could only win if the team scores a touchdown on the first drive.

And that is exactly what Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos did. And it only took one play.

I remember being home during my junior year of college for Winter Break seeing this game. It felt as if my house had been hit by a bolt of lightning or an earthquake with how much the house was shaking.

I truly believe that at that moment, the Denver Broncos that we would get to enjoy with the playoff victories and such started with this victory. It truly is one game that I will never forget.

Eight years ago, a Mile High Miracle happened. Hopefully there will be more to come in the next decade and further.