Denver Broncos: Ja’Wuan James explains knee injuries

Ja'Wuan James, Denver Broncos (Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images)
Ja'Wuan James, Denver Broncos (Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images) /

It was a disappointing and unfortunate first year with the Denver Broncos for Ja’Wuan James. The tackle explains the injuries he had been going through.

After making him the highest-paid right tackle in the league, the Denver Broncos got just three games out of Ja’Wuan James in his first of three seasons with the team.

The 27-year old James was expected to be the team’s long-term answer at the position. He might still be, but unfortunately this year was lost.

There was a lot of mystery behind James’ situation. Knee injuries are not something to play around with. Head coach Vic Fangio said that if James were to play, it would be on a limited basis. That honestly doesn’t make a ton of sense. It makes more sense to play the same player throughout a game rather than switching out—particularly on the offensive line.

James reportedly tore his MCL in week one against the Oakland Raiders, which was the start of his injury problems while with the Broncos. Then, in week eight against the Indianapolis Colts, he tore his meniscus.

That sort of thing, to me, would be injured reserve-worthy. It probably should have happened a long time ago and the Broncos probably should have bit the bullet for his first year with the team.

I understand wanting James to get out there and get his feet wet on the field—to get  back into football shape. However, the plan to do so before James’ knee was better makes no sense. Now, James is not going to play in the Denver Broncos’ final game, against the Oakland Raiders.

It shouldn’t have taken this long for the team to decide on his immediate future for the season. In my opinion, if he wasn’t ready to play a full game, he shouldn’t have played at all.

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Now, with a lost season, the Broncos hope that James will be full-go for OTAs and for a healthy 2020 season for the highest-paid right tackle in the NFL.