Denver Broncos color rush uniforms should be their primary ones

The Denver Broncos showed off their color rush uniforms for this week’s game against the Lions. Should these be their primary jerseys?

Since the 2016 season, the Denver Broncos have worn their ‘Color Rush’ uniforms for one game each year.

Every team has its own version of a Color Rush uniform, something that obviously brings out the team’s primary colors in a very loud way, but also something that can be considered a throwback for a lot of teams.

At least, that’s true for the Denver Broncos, whose Color Rush uniforms are a callback to the 80s and 90s when the team’s uniform was a much simpler design than it is today.

The Broncos changed their uniforms in the late 90s and actually won the first Super Bowl in team history the year they switched from the uniforms they wore for the previous couple of decades.

Leading up to this weekend’s game against the Detroit Lions, the Broncos have been slowly unveiling their Color Rush uniforms and the transformation the equipment staff has rightfully taken great pride in over the last four years.

When the Broncos dropped this picture on Twitter and Instagram, many in Broncos Country began swooning.

Everything about this uniform is better than what the Broncos currently have, and I mean no disrespect to the Broncos’ current design, which has been the uniform for most of the really great memories fans have of the team.

This uniform is obviously really similar to the one the Broncos played with from the 70s through the mid-90s with the stripes on the sleeve instead of the blue or orange stripe up from the waist to the armpit/chest area.

The numbers are also block-style numbers instead of the rounded numbers the Broncos have right now.

Typically the Broncos will wear orange pants with these jersey tops, which would undoubtedly get a little tiring over the course of an entire season, but the simple fix is just to wear white pants with them. I’m hoping the Broncos will try that out this week, but that may be far-fetched.

Everything stylistically depends on personal preference, but the Broncos’ Color Rush uniforms should be the team’s primary uniforms, but with white pants. This is just a classic, clean look, and the navy blue inclusion with the old-school style of jersey really does a great job of mixing the two eras.

The helmet is also an outstanding mesh of old and new.

Not only would I love to see the Broncos make this their primary, but I would also even recommend in the interim (because uniform overhauls take time, apparently) the Broncos doing the Color Rush thing three times per season, once for orange uniforms, once for blue, and once for white.

Think about all the revenue for the team if they would simply decide to add two more tops to the Color Rush collection each year.

The Broncos’ uniforms aren’t terrible right now. I love that they have orange as their primary color and I love that they mix it up with a couple of games wearing blue and then the color rush game. But Denver needs something for the road to wear as an alternate and the Color Rush design is so simple and strong that adding two more colors seems like a no-brainer.

Hopefully, if the Broncos do overhaul their uniforms in the near future, the Color Rush jersey is at least the starting point for what the rebrand would be.