Drew Lock brings emotion to the Denver Broncos

Quarterback Drew Lock got his first career start for the Denver Broncos on Sunday. It felt like a completely different team with him leading the offense.

The Drew Lock era got off to a fun start on Sunday night as the rookie quarterback led the Denver Broncos to a home victory over the Los Angeles Chargers.

The win marked the second time the Broncos beat the Chargers this year.

Drew Lock completed 18-of-28 passes for 134 yards, two touchdowns and an interception. Those numbers aren’t earth-shattering but they helped get the job done.

After Lock threw each of his two touchdowns to wide receiver Courtland Sutton, you could tell how excited he was. That is something we had not seen from a Denver Broncos quarterback for a while.

The kid got his first victory as a quarterback in the National Football League. That is absolutely something to be proud of and excited about.

On the first touchdown to Sutton, Lock threw the ball so that only Sutton would be able to catch it. It was a fantastic diving effort by Sutton. Both players need to be commended for that play.

As Sutton put it following the game, Lock has that swag and confidence in him.

Following the game, as Lock was being interviewed, he was approached by Sutton who congratulated the quarterback. It was a moment that gave me chills.

I think that it partially has to do with the youth and the fact that this was Lock’s first NFL victory. We did not see this sort of thing in the few wins Joe Flacco and Brandon Allen brought to the team earlier in the season.

It will definitely be interesting to see how he reacts following losses in the National Football League. I have a feeling that he won’t show his displeasure. I think that he will be one of those players who says, “on to the next play.”

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There is still plenty to work on for Lock and the Broncos, but in all honesty, the future looks bright. This is absolutely exciting. On to the Houston Texans.