Denver Broncos: Drew Lock’s parents react to their son’s debut

The Denver Broncos got a strong debut from rookie quarterback Drew Lock and his parents were understandably thrilled after the game.

The Denver Broncos got a victory over the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday afternoon in Drew Lock’s starting debut, and of course, mom and dad were in the stands to cheer on their son.

Lock had a tremendous first quarter in his debut with a pair of touchdown passes and led the Broncos to a victory with a deep ball to draw pass interference, setting up a game-winning kick from Brandon McManus.

Andy and Laura Lock were in the stands during the game, and came down near field level for a post-game interview with Altitude Sports Radio’s Vic Lombardi, who got some great sound bytes from the parents of the Broncos’ hopeful quarterback of the future.

Here’s what they had to say:

Perhaps the most notable is that Drew’s dad Andy said the Broncos have had a plan all along, but stopped short of divulging every detail.

Andy Lock: “I’ll tell you what — the Broncos’ coaching staff, first of all, has had a great plan with Drew. It’s been kind of kept under wraps, so kudos to those guys for sticking to this plan, working the plan, and getting him on the field when they decided to do so.”

Vic Lombardi: “What was the plan?”

Andy Lock: “Well, it was — let’s just say it played out probably about the way they hoped that it would.”

This is good information to know because, in the past few weeks, it really seemed like the Broncos lacked clarity with their ‘plan’ for Lock. Things were certainly kept under wraps for a long time and it felt like Lock was being given some sort of unfair treatment as he made his way back off of injured reserve later than he could have, and made his 2019 debut later than he could have.

It felt like the Broncos were dragging their feet and giving him some kind of rookie treatment, and Vic Fangio even noted after the game that the Broncos’ decision to delay announcing their starter was just them playing ‘silly games’ likely meaning mind games with their opponent, the Chargers.

Sitting on the bench is not something Lock has really had to do in his football career. He was on the bench early on at Missouri, but an injury to the starter pushed him into action as a true freshman and he ended up playing the majority of four years for the Tigers.

Not being able to suit up for the first 12 weeks of his rookie season had to just eat away at him on the inside, but you can see in that video his mother interject that he was ‘ready’ and both of his parents indicated that Lock was on board with the Broncos’ process because he’s always been a team-first guy.

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His patience paid off, and Broncos Country has to be thrilled with what they’ve just seen from their rookie signal-caller.