Denver Broncos: Believing in foundation Vic Fangio is building

Vic Fangio, Denver Broncos. (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)
Vic Fangio, Denver Broncos. (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images) /

For the last few years, it hasn’t been sunshine and rainbows for the Denver Broncos foundation. With Vic Fangio at the helm, brighter times could be ahead.

There are numerous reasons people believe the Denver Broncos have struggled in recent years. Some could argue it is the quarterback position. One could make the point it is the offensive line or management.

On the defensive side, there’s been more success than offense; however, big chunks still remained. In both college and NFL, there is a strong similarity and that’s building a foundation of players buying into a system.

Potential soon-to-be free agent Justin Simmons laid out a very thorough idea that team’s are loving the foundation built by head coach Vic Fangio.

"“I feel like a lot of this year you can see the spurts of the foundation that’s being built…. That’s the reality. We’re paid to win games and things like that. With that being said, you’re not going to have every year—unfortunately you’re not always going to be in it unless you have the foundation over the years that has set you up and guys coming in,” Simmons said. [via Denver Broncos PR]"

The Denver Broncos safety furthered his foundation talk about continuity. One of the strongest stoppers of development is the changing of staff and players. Offensively you can tell people are bearing the fruit of a second season under wide receiver coach Zach Azzanni and running backs coach Curtis Modkins.

Even in flashes coordinator Rich Scangarello has looked fantastic. Despite the current loss to Buffalo, the defense is still a top ten defense. According to Simmons, guys are buying in.

"“There’s that continuity of guys coming in and this is how it’s done, this is what we’re doing and this is how it’s going to be. This is our motto and mantra for success. Vic being a first-year head coach here installing a new defense and installing a new offense, you can see guys are buying in. The systems are working,” Simmons continued during his presser. [Via Denver Broncos PR]"

Another thing that helps in team bonding and building chemistry is accountability. Safety Will Parks mentioned about the dinner after the Minnesota Vikings game.

"“I think it was one of the best things I’ve seen in all of my football life. It’s pretty cool,” Parks talking about the dinner. [Via Denver Broncos PR]"

The Denver Broncos players at the dinner didn’t talk about just football. It was about how they and family are doing. Players during the dinner wanted to make sure people were still committed 100 percent to what was being laid by head coach Vic Fangio.

This also probably had to do with the stupid report about the possible strife between players and coaches. It was strongly denied by everyone that this is not the case.

Simmons made it very known he is bought into this system on defense and wants to see it from start to finish.

"“I don’t put a ceiling on it because that just means there are limitations, but I think it’s a really good defense to be a part of,” Simmons said he wanted to be a part of the defense. [via Denver Broncos PR]"

Additionally, Simmons talked about the dinner but the importance and of blending the future and right now. He mentioned the vibe was different after the Vikings game.

"“It’s unfortunate the way it ended because it didn’t reflect how well we played in the first half and how hard we’ve been playing all season long, but that’s something that we talk about,” Simmons about that vibe.“It’s unfortunate because that’s the way the NFL goes and you have to find ways to gel quickly because it’s not guaranteed that there’s a next year where you’ll keep the same unit. It’s just unfortunate,” Simmons furthered his comment to talk about the future of the team. [via Denver Broncos PR]"

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It is important for fans to understand that players are buying into a culture laid out by Vic Fangio. Success does not happen overnight. Success does not happen in a season as head coach.

Sometimes it’s rare, but requesting to fire a first-year head coach throws a wrench in a process that is multiple staffs and differences of foundations. It does not help the development of players and more important the product on the field.

Keeping this foundation strong is essential to signing players that have bought into the system. This starts and ends with Simmons.

"“You’re playing for the brothers next to you. It’s hard when everyone in here is in their first year playing each other. You build off that. As I said, I know that was kind of a long-winded answer, but it’s something that obviously I’ve said multiple times. I want to be a part of moving forward, but it also just has to work out in terms of my future here. Like I said, I want it to work out, but it just has to work out on both sides of the spectrum,” Simmons said. [Via Denver Broncos PR]"