Broncos vs. Browns: Behind Enemy Lines with Cleveland Kate

As the Denver Broncos prepare for the Cleveland Browns, I chat with Kate Arhar from Our Turf Football and get her takes on the Broncos upcoming opponent.

The Denver Broncos are looking to end their losing streak as they go up against a Cleveland Browns team that are just about in the same boat as the Broncos. Both teams only have two wins on the season.

Both of these teams have gotten to their current record in different ways. Denver has been so close to getting some wins. As for the Cleveland Browns, there seems to be a lot of frustration going on. This team was predicted to do well. But it has not worked out the way that they wanted it too.

The winner of this game could get some momentum as they look to complete the second half of their seasons. This will make or break some team’s season.

As the Broncos prepare for the Browns, I chatted with Kate Arhar, also known as Cleveland Kate, who is the Senior Sports Editor over at Our Turf Football. Let us see what she had to say about the Broncos upcoming opponent.

The Browns were predicted to be a solid team. However, that has not been the case. What do you believe is going on in Cleveland?

They are solid from a talent standpoint but they are young and haven’t played together for very long. Add to that a first year head coach who seems to be making bone-headed decisions when it comes to time outs, throwing the red flag and play-calling and, well, I don’t know why we are all surprised that they are losing games. Discipline is clearly an issue if you look at the penalties, especially the pre-snap ones.

Baker Mayfield has been up and down this season? What are your thoughts on him in his second season?

It doesn’t feel like Baker trusts his offensive line. While they’ve had success in the run game, pass protection has not been great. He needs to get the ball out quicker. Also, his personality is one where he puts all the pressure on himself to get things done, overcome issues, so he’s trying to do too much. He needs to take the 4-6 yard passes and let his receivers make the big play, not just keep looking for the long 30 yard bombs and taking it all in one bite. You get four downs to go 10 yards for a reason!

At 2-5, how much faith do you have that the Browns can reach the postseason?

I have way more faith than I should. The easiest part of the schedule starts now. They have the talent to go 8-1 to finish the season which could win them the AFC North at 10-6. HOWEVER, the turnovers and penalties have got to stop.

The Browns travel to Denver to face the Broncos. What does Cleveland need to do to get the win?

Browns simply cannot turn the ball over. Period. Broncos are going to struggle offensively with Brandon Allen starting a QB so the very last thing we can do if just give them the ball in great field position and make this debut any easier for him. We here in Cleveland have hated the Broncos since the ’80’s so there’s a huge amount of pressure to win this game – not just because we need a win but because we still feel some kind of way about John Elway.

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What is one player on the Browns roster that not a lot of people know about that could make an impact on Sunday?

On offense, wide receiver Rashard Higgins. He missed five games due to injury but was back last week. He is someone Baker had great chemistry with last year and if he gets more involved this week, he could be that pressure relief valve that Baker can go to with confidence. On defense, I’m looking at rookie linebacker Mack Wilson to make some plays. Coming off the weak side, he’s going to make it very tough for Phillip Lindsey or Royce Freeman to get past the line.

Thank You Kate for taking the time out to chat with me. Check out her thoughts over at Our Turf Football!