Broncos vs. Colts: Behind Enemy Lines with Horseshoe Heroes

With the Denver Broncos taking on the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, we sat down with Horseshoe Heroes and got their takes on the next opponent.

The Denver Broncos are in a rough spot going into their week eight matchup against the Indianapolis Colts. After getting two wins in a row against the Chargers and Titans, they quickly fell down to earth with a crushing loss at home to the Chiefs.

It seems as if the team is prepared for the worst. They will now be without Emmanuel Sanders, who was traded to the San Francisco 49ers on Tuesday. Now the top wide out in Denver is Courtland Sutton.

The offense has taken a big hit. And the defense is slowly coming apart. Here is hoping the Broncos can at least get a few more wins. It all starts on Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts.

With this matchup, we take you across enemy lines and chat with Ryan Stano, the site expert over at Horseshoe Heroes, and get his takes on the Colts.

PO: Even with the departure of Andrew Luck, the Colts are currently in first place in the AFC South. What has this team done to have a lot of success early on in the season?

HH: The Colts have been able to keep opposing defenses off balance. They are a top 10 rushing team in the league behind the great offensive line and Marlon Mack, but as we saw Sunday, Jacoby Brissett can beat teams with his arm as well. The defense has played well too despite injuries across every part of the unit. It’s a complete team effort.

PO: Do you believe Jacoby Brissett can be the long term answer for the Colts? If not, what do you believe they will do at the quarterback position?

HH: The jury is still out on Brissett, but he is trending the right way. He doesn’t try to do too much. He doesn’t turn the ball over very much, and he’s second in the league in touchdown passes. He makes the smart play. Since the rest of the team is so good around him, that’s all he needs to do for the Colts to win games.

PO: The Colts have a pretty favorable schedule after the Broncos game. Could this team make it back to the postseason and be a factor?

HH: Indy can definitely make it back to the postseason, and in fact it’s expected of them. They have an extremely favorable schedule the rest of the way, and should win at least the next four games. They have the right kind of offensive and defensive balance to be a factor in the playoffs too.

PO: The Broncos and Colts face off. What will it take for the Colts to win against a team that they have seen quite a few times in recent years?

HH: To win on Sunday, the Colts just have to make sure they don’t beat themselves. They can’t turn the ball over. The Denver offense has been a mess so far this season, and looked terrible against the Chiefs on Thursday. As long as they stick to their normal gameplan, their talent should win out in the end.

PO: Is there one player on the Colts roster not a lot of fans know about that can be an X-Factor on Sunday?

HH: Zach Pascal. He has stepped up in the receiving corp after Devin Funchess and Parris Campbell went down with injuries. He had a big game on Sunday against Houston, and could have another one against the Denver secondary.

Thank You Ryan for taking the time out to chat with me. If you want to see my interview over at Horseshoe Heroes, you can check it out here.