Denver Broncos: Fanzone interview with Kristie Romiti

The Denver Broncos fanzone interviews resume this week as I got the chance to chat with Kristie Romiti and get her takes on all things Broncos.

After a big win over the Los Angeles Chargers last Sunday, the Denver Broncos return home to face off against the Tennessee Titans. It was very important for the Broncos to get a win before heading home. The team will continue their streak of never starting a season with five straight losses.

But what was so different about that game? It was one where the team as a whole was finally able to come together to secure the win. A fast start by the offense, big time stops by the defense, and decent play from special teams helped the way.

Now the team will go face to face with a strong Titans defense in a game that could be decided by the offense. In my opinion, Denver’s is a bit stronger, so it should be a win. But the team will need the same effectiveness that they had against the Chargers if they are going to secure a win.

As the teams get ready, I chatted with Broncos fan Kristie Romiti. Let us see what she has to say about the game on Sunday and our Broncos as a whole.

Denver got their first win of the season against the Chargers. What stood out to you the most in the win?

Well, many things stand out when your team is 0-4 and you finally get that win, especially when the team is on the road and its a division game. When your at this point in the season, without a win, fans tend to want to point fingers at who is to blame. I saw positives happening on both sides, minus special teams.

Defense is on the right track while Von and friends didn’t sack Rivers, they did create a lot of havoc for him which lead to long overdue turnovers and tons of pressures on Phil. Offense came out with gusto, which we haven’t seen for a little bit and Lindsay with 114 yards and Sutton with his 70 yard TD, both had good days. Overall mostly headed in a positive direction, the team looked more unified and the changes coaching made as far as who started made a huge difference as well.

Now that the team has the first win under their belt, how do you believe the team can build off the momentum?

The Broncos looked more prepared and unified on Sunday. Along with making line changes, utilizing his players more effectively and getting more creative with his playbook. We have quiet a few newbies on the team that got a taste of winning, including Fangio as a head coach which always helps in keeping the positive mentality alive. It took a little while but they seem to be headed in the right direction.

As a Denver Broncos fan, what is your favorite memory of all time?

Great Question, I have so many! Growing up in Colorado watching super bowls as a young girl with all my family tops the list. Most people will have a favorite play or game, but for me it is mostly about watching a team I love with all the people I love, making good memories and enjoying my favorite pastime. (Super Bowl 50 wasn’t too shabby either)

We got to go to Super Bowl city in SF and see a lot of amazing things, I’ll flex a little here too and say we got to be interviewed on the NFL network all decked out in our Broncos gear, overall amazing experience.

The Broncos welcome the Titans on Sunday. What will it take to get a win?

Be consistent and aggressive. Our offense has to come out full force, utilize all players and Fangio needs to get creative. Offensively the Titans struggled on Sunday, so you know they are going to come out with a chip and play hard but I think our D will be able to get in a few sacks on Mariota who has been sacked 22 times this season. 

Is there one player on the team you believe will make a big impact on Sunday? 

I have 2 or 3 actually, lol. We have a ton of great young talent on this team. Some were not properly utilized under the Vance Joseph years. Sutton, Purcell and AJ. All had great games and I imagine they will see more snaps against the Titans. 

Thank you Kristie for taking the time out to chat with me. Hopefully the Denver Broncos can keep the momentum going. On to facing the Titans! Go Broncos!