Denver Broncos: What the Theo Riddick move means for Devontae Booker

The Denver Broncos are expected to sign free agent RB Theo Riddick. How will this impact Devontae Booker, who may be playing for his spot?

Theo Riddick was not on the market long before teams began to express interest.

The veteran back was cut by the Detroit Lions last weekend in order to make roster space for free agent defensive tackle Mike Daniels, and the Denver Broncos quickly secured a visit and physical with Riddick.

Riddick’s visit to Denver was his second free agent visit after meeting previously with the New Orleans Saints.

Adam Schefter initially reported the visit.

Now, it appears as though the Denver Broncos will officially sign Riddick later in the week. Mike Klis reported (and Graham Tiedke gave us his thoughts) on the reported move to sign Riddick.

Although the Broncos already have a two-headed monster in Phillip Lindsay and Royce Freeman, Theo Riddick would make sense for the team. He adds experience to the backfield and provides versatility, as he serves as a receiving threat as well.

Riddick finished the 2018 season with more receiving yards than rushing yards — 384 vs. 171.

Although it took a bit longer than most everyone would have liked, this is a nice move for Denver.

So, the question is, what does this mean for fellow back Devontae Booker?

Per a previous PO piece by Sayre Bedinger, Booker’s roster spot is already speculated to be in jeopardy. The Broncos drafted Booker in the fourth round in 2016 when he was the seventh running back off the board. Booker showed lots of potential as a rookie, leading the team in rushing in 2016, but has fallen flat since.

In three seasons, Booker has rushed just 1,094 yards (Phillip Lindsay rushed for just 57 less in 2018). He finished the 2017 season with an average of 3.8 yards per carry, and capped off 2018 with 193 yards and just one TD.

Granted this was in a Broncos offense that sputtered, to say the least, and an offense where he was not utilized as much, with the arrival of Freeman and Lindsay. However, Booker has just failed to impress enough since his rookie campaign that had so much potential to it.

When the Broncos do officially sign Theo Riddick, it is likely that Booker’s time with the Denver Broncos will be on the clock. However, if the adjustment is made elsewhere to keep all four backs on the roster, it will be make or break for Booker. This may be his last chance to impress.