Paxton Lynch on the radar of the XFL

XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck said that former Denver Broncos quarterback Paxton Lynch is an option for one of the league’s eight teams’ active roster.

Quarterback Paxton Lynch was a bad selection by the Denver Broncos in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft. But that doesn’t mean he can’t have some success somewhere else. Perhaps in a different league.

XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck—Andrew Luck’s father—acknowledged that Lynch and Seahawks teammate Geno Smith would be in consideration to be on a roster in the XFL whenever everything is finalized.

The goal for any football player is to stick around in the most popular and competitive league, which is obviously the NFL. If worse comes to worst, Lynch would at least still be getting an opportunity to play football.

The XFL won’t be crowded with high-quality talent. The players with the most talent are going to be signed by teams in the NFL—unless of course they have had many opportunities but blew them because of other reasons not pertaining to football.

It is possible that Lynch would succeed in the XFL. He would get a lot of experience against some good football players with potentially significantly less media attention. I’m not saying that media had an effect on Lynch in the NFL, but it is possible that was the case.

While with the Denver Broncos, Lynch was unable to beat out multiple quarterbacks, including seventh-rounders Trevor Siemian and Chad Kelly. That was the obvious point where it was certain that he wasn’t going to be successful with the team.

I personally am interested in seeing if Lynch is successful at any point while playing football, whether it’s in Seattle or anywhere else.

If he gets a real shot at becoming a starter in the new XFL, there could be reason to believe that he will finally be a quarterback to keep an eye on.