Emmanuel Sanders is miraculously running in cleats already

Just five months removed from tearing his Achilles, Denver Broncos wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders is running in cleats on the practice field.

It’s not overly dramatic to say the Denver Broncos’ loss of Emmanuel Sanders late in the 2018 season to a devastating Achilles injury in practice effectively buried the season.

While Phillip Lindsay was lighting the NFL world ablaze, I maintain that Sanders was arguably the Broncos’ offensive MVP prior to injury. He was having one of the best seasons of his career with the team, certainly his best since Peyton Manning left, and then the injury struck.

I’m no doctor, but I do know based on when the Achilles injuries happen in football that this is a brutal one to come back from. That makes it all the more impressive and even miraculous that Sanders is already running on the Broncos’ practice field in cleats.


Sanders has put in a ton of work this offseason, and if you follow him on Instagram, you’ve seen a lot of the very difficult grind for him in the training room.

Session after session, 90s pop song after 90s pop song (if you know, you know), Sanders has worked his way back and was far enough along in his recovery process that the Broncos picked up a $1.5 million contract option for Sanders earlier in the offseason.

We’ve seen Sanders in the training room by himself or with guys like Jake Butt, we’ve seen him getting his cast off and getting back on his feet and walking and all the way to his first time jogging on a treadmill.

Sanders has literally made the fans part of his recovery journey, so this post is really cool to see, and it’s fantastic news for the Broncos.

Sanders is a difference maker, and he adds a dynamic element to the Denver offense that the team did not replace or even really add competition this offseason, aside from a couple of undrafted free agents who could impress with their vertical speed.

The team put confidence in one of its most confident players, and I hope we get the chance to see Sanders start off the season running out of the tunnel in the starting lineup when that seemed like a remote possibility five months ago.