Denver Broncos: Earl Thomas should be next target

The Denver Broncos added Kareem Jackson to their secondary, and now it’s time for them to keep adding in free agency. How about Earl Thomas?

The Denver Broncos added Houston Texans defensive back Kareem Jackson to the secondary, and Ja’Wuan James of the Miami Dolphins to play right tackle. Could superstar safety Earl Thomas be next on their list of targets?

It’s possible Thomas is out of the Broncos’ price range, reportedly desiring $15 million per year on a short-term deal, but if the Broncos have been in on the safety market (and there have been rumors they wanted Adrian Amos), why would they not be in on Earl Thomas?

The safety market is being re-set right now by a number of players.

The Washington Redskins signed Landon Collins of the Giants for $14 million per season. The Kansas City Chiefs gave $14 million per season to Tyrann Mathieu.

Behind those guys, LaMarcus Joyner got a four-year deal from the Oakland Raiders, though those numbers are unknown at this point.

The point is, the safety market is really high, and if the Broncos were involved on any level, why would they not go for a home run signing like Earl Thomas?

I don’t really see a desperate need for a safety but if you’re going to get one, why not go after one of the best to ever do it?

Thomas is coming off of an injury, but he’s a superstar. He’s a superstar in every sense of the word, and we saw firsthand how good this guy still is when he came back from a holdout the week of the Broncos’ season opener against Seattle and absolutely dominated the game.

Thomas is one of the best safeties in the game, probably a future Hall of Famer, and would be a critical piece for a Denver defense that now has to deal with MVP Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs, Antonio Brown and the Raiders, and Philip Rivers and the Chargers.

They are going to need all the players they can get defensively, and as nice as Adrian Amos is (don’t get me wrong, he would be a great signing), the idea of adding someone like Earl Thomas could truly set Denver’s offseason apart.