Denver Broncos: Predicting the ideal practice squad

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Defensive Back: Brendan Langley (CB), Trey Marshall (S)

The Broncos would be fortunate to be able to keep at least a few of the 2017 NFL Draft picks they let go.

The team shockingly released half of their draft class on Saturday and if some aren’t brought back to the practice squad, it would be an incredible waste of assets.

Therefore, the team needs to get down to business recruiting Brendan Langley back to the team. There could be demand elsewhere in the league and a team that might be willing to help him develop while also on their active roster, but he showed on tape that he is a practice squad player. Period.

Langley was over-drafted, which is not his fault. He should have been a fifth or sixth-round pick last year, but the Broncos reached for him in round three.

Because of the fact that they reached for him in round three, they owe it to Langley and themselves to try and extract the talent he has and give him another full year. If, a year from now, he’s still not good enough, then they can let him go permanently.

Trey Marshall made some flash plays both defensively and on special teams in the preseason, and it was reported when he was waived that the team would like to bring him back to the practice squad.