Denver Broncos: Emmanuel Sanders is back to being a difference maker

After dealing with an ankle injury all of last season, Emmanuel Sanders is finally healthy again and the Broncos offense is reaping the rewards.

If there were any questions left about what kind of player Emmanuel Sanders would be this season before the Denver Broncos’ preseason game against the Washington Redskins, they should all be answered now.

Sanders is back to full health, and expectations for him should be as high as ever.

The player we have seen so far this preseason and throughout training camp looks head and shoulders above what we saw from him throughout most of last year’s injury-riddled season.

His quickness, speed, elusiveness, and most importantly the competitive spirit Broncos fans have come to know (and love) from Sanders are all back.

And not only is he healthy again, but he now has a consistent quarterback to rely on.

Case Keenum’s accuracy and playing style will boost Sanders back into being a big-time difference maker for the Broncos. Keenum is a very accurate and very decisive quarterback, who loves to hit receivers on the quick-breaking short or intermediate routes that Sanders can run so well.

Working the majority of his snaps out of the slot, Sanders completely overmatched what was usually the third corner or a safety from the Redskins.

Sanders had four catches for 61 yards and a 27-yard touchdown run on an end-around in just one half of work on Friday night. He was also open a couple of times and was targeted, but unable to connect with Keenum.

It’s not a huge sample size, but it has been enough to make me believe that Sanders will be able to have another season with at least 70 receptions and 1,000 yards like he did in his first three seasons in Denver.

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After last season it might be easy to forget, but Sanders and Demaryius Thomas were considered to be one of the best wide receiver duos in the NFL.

Judging by how great Sanders has looked so far this preseason, earning back that status doesn’t seem too far fetched.