Denver Broncos: Emmanuel Sanders torches Kyle Fuller in practice

Denver Broncos veteran wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders showed age is just a number with the moves he put on Kyle Fuller in practice…

The Denver Broncos opened up joint practices with the Chicago Bears on Wednesday, and it was a prosperous day for the first-team offense and Emmanuel Sanders.

Sanders is entering his fifth season with the Denver Broncos and after playing injured much of the 2017 season, he’s looking for a big bounce-back year.

Sanders has been catching some flak for being over the age of 30 with people thinking he doesn’t have much juice left, but maybe everyone should calm down and consult Chicago Bears cornerback Kyle Fuller before making any blanket statements about Sanders.

This is a glorious sight to see, and some of the best evidence to date of Sanders’ physical health.

Sanders is one of the quickest wide receivers in the NFL and for those who felt like he would take a step back after a down year in 2017, that appears to be very far from the case.

Sanders eclipsed 1,000 yards receiving in every year he was with the Broncos from 2014-2016 but simply couldn’t reach that number in 2017 with poor quarterback play and a bad ankle.

After a disappointing preseason debut, the Broncos’ first-team offense needs to kick things into high gear.

We’ve been hearing all offseason about the improvements that have been made on that side of the ball, and in the first few weeks of training camp, it really looked like Case Keenum’s presence at quarterback was going to elevate the level of play of the stars the Broncos have unfortunately not been able to use to the fullest since Peyton Manning retired (and even some while he was still in Denver).

If the Broncos’ offense is to be revived, this kind of play from Sanders is going to be needed. Sanders is someone who knows how to get himself open, and how to obviously create a lot of distance between himself and the defensive back.

It will be nice when he’s able to run these routes in a regular season game and have a quarterback who can find him.