Denver Broncos: Ranking the top five wide receivers in the AFC West

DENVER, CO - OCTOBER 15: Wide receiver Demaryius Thomas
DENVER, CO - OCTOBER 15: Wide receiver Demaryius Thomas /
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The AFC West is loaded with wide receiver talent. Where do the Denver Broncos wide receivers rank within their own division…

Demaryius Thomas
Demaryius Thomas /

Over the span of a few years, the AFC West wide receiver group has gone from a weakness to a strength. We will see where Denver Broncos receiver rank among the top five wide receivers within the division along with a few honorable mentions.

The rankings are based on where these wide receivers stand right now. Last year’s production plays a role in this as well as potential production in upcoming seasons. Injuries were accounted for and played a higher role if the injury occurred last year.

With these factors in mind, plugging names into each spot in the top five proved to be difficult. The conference is littered with receiver talent but plagued with issues. Injuries, untapped potential, off-field issues, and inconsistent play are just a few of these issues.

Furthermore, teams like the Chargers have a stellar quarterback in Philip Rivers. Rivers is the type of quarterback that elevates the guys around him. The Broncos have not had that recently.

The quarterback situation did impact a few guys negatively like Travis Benjamin and Jordy Nelson. However, it did help a few guys like Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas.

In addition to the guys on this list, there are a number of guys waiting for their shot. Both the Chargers and Broncos have invested high draft picks in the position. Meanwhile, the Chiefs’ offense is going to be much more aerially focused without Alex Smith running the show.

With those prefaces on the table, let’s get started and take a look at the top wide receivers in the division…