Demaryius Thomas is a Hall of Famer In My Book

DENVER, CO - OCTOBER 30: Wide receiver Demaryius Thomas
DENVER, CO - OCTOBER 30: Wide receiver Demaryius Thomas /

If Denver Broncos fans feel Rod Smith should be considered for the Hall of Fame, then Demaryius Thomas needs to also…

In the 2010 NFL Draft, the Broncos were being constructed by Brian Xanders, Josh McDaniels, and others.

The administration made the decision to select Demaryius Thomas over Dez Bryant with the 22nd overall pick in that Draft. Thomas started slow early in his Broncos career battling injuries, but 2011 showed everyone a glimpse of why Thomas was drafted in first round.

His 551 receiving yards seem small, but his 17.2 yards per reception are the most at any point is his career.

During the pre-draft process, Thomas was criticized for no variety in route running. After the 2011 season, the Denver Broncos traded Tim Tebow away and signed future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning.

This lone signing became jumper cables for Thomas’ stellar career.

With Manning, Thomas registered four straight 1,000-plus yard seasons and scored double-digit touchdowns every season but the last. His production has placed him second all-time in team history, passing Shannon Sharpe last year.

Let’s recall these comments from Thomas back in 2016 on catching the 510th touchdown pass of Manning’s career.

"“He made me a better player when he first came in. He changed up some things on how we run routes and watch film, and just sitting in the film room and see what he does I think made everybody a better player around him,”Thomas said of Manning and his own career."

Rod Smith is a fan favorite and rightfully so, but the same attention should be given to Thomas as well.

With Case Keenum at quarterback, Thomas has a chance to clip 1,500 or more yards in the last two seasons of his contract. This will push Thomas ahead of Smith in receiving yards, but that’s not all. Thomas is in a good place to pass Smith in touchdowns, all with the Denver Broncos.

Smith finished at 68, while Thomas is nipping at his heels scoring 57 of his own.

His current career totals of receiving yards place Thomas 75th all-time. If Thomas gets 1,300-1,400 yards in two seasons, then he will move into the top 50 of wide receivers.

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In that process, Thomas will pass Hall of Famers Fred Biletnikoff, Charley Taylor, and Raymond Berry. All three of those players are in the Hall of Fame.

Another reason Thomas positioned himself as a possible Hall of Fame candidate is none other than where he played collegiately. Thomas replaced one of the best to represent the wide receiver position in Calvin Johnson at Georgia Tech.

Johnson revolutionized the game due to size, productivity, and body of work. Thomas’ limited route tree was not that of Johnson’s, but Thomas made it a priority to become a stellar route runner.

It was well documented Thomas’s size and pure athleticism matched the new NFL. Manning himself stated as a member of the Denver Broncos he had never played with a wide receiver as gifted as Thomas.

The biggest pondering point of Thomas and the Hall of Fame is his Super Bowl ring.

Championships do not separate great players from all others. However, it helps bolster a strong case to get in. Thomas didn’t play well in Super Bowl 50, but they won. It is important to realize winning championships are always the number one goal of all 32 teams. Yes, even internally and not publicly.

As such, Thomas is not slighted for the under-performance in Super Bowl. Instead the victory alone bolstered his case more than the others. Listen to Rod Smith’s words here:

"“We’ve won a lot of football games and a Super Bowl, and he’s been there during that time. He’s been a big part of it, so records should fall. It’s just that simple,”Smith on Thomas and impact made on an everyday lineup."

In my opinion, if fans feel Rod Smith is a candidate for the Hall of Fame in their eyes, then same attention should be given to Demaryius Thomas. Thomas learned the ropes of being a better wide receiver not just from Manning. Smith has helped Thomas.

"“I saw all his talent, and I [wanted] to guide him away from some of the stuff that eliminates you playing your best. I’m always going to be in his ear telling him the truth. If I think he ain’t playing well, I’m going to tell him. But I think he respects me enough to listen to it, too,”Smith in 2017"

Put Demaryius Thomas as a Hall of Famer in my book.