Denver Broncos cornerback Bradley Roby is ready to play a bigger part of the ‘No Fly Zone’


Denver Broncos cornerback Bradley Roby will embrace the opportunity to become a great member of the ‘No Fly Zone’…

With the departure of cornerback Aqib Talib, Denver Broncos cornerback Bradley Roby will fill in as a starter across from Chris Harris Jr, barring a major development by a rookie.

Despite a couple of new players on the team in the secondary, Roby feels like the defense will be okay. It’s basically like a new “No Fly Zone”.

Teams change year-to-year. That’s just how it goes in the NFL, and all sports. The Denver Broncos will be fine.

"“It’s still a ‘No Fly Zone.’ We started that Super Bowl year and we had a year of that. I don’t think it’s been seen in a league by a defense in the last 30-plus years. That original “No Fly Zone” is gone with [S] T.J. [Ward] departing and [CB Aqib] Talib departing, but we still have three out of five out there and [S] Justin Simmons. He did great last year, it was his first year starting and he’ll be fine.”Bradley Roby (quotes via Broncos PR)"

A new addition to the secondary is cornerback Tramaine Brock, who spent last season with the Minnesota Vikings. Even though the Broncos signed Brock, Roby doesn’t feel like his job is in jeopardy. In fact, he views the move as a good thing.

"“We haven’t done much on the field yet. I don’t see it as competition, we’re all working together. There’s not really too much to go off of as of yet.”Bradley Roby"

Roby is happy that his team drafted linebacker Bradley Chubb in the first round in April’s draft. The Broncos have a very strong linebacker group. One of the great things about the depth of that position is the players’ ability to get to the quarterback. The more opponents’ quarterbacks get pressured, there is a greater chance of passes being picked off, hopefully by Roby.

"“[OLB Bradley] Chubb is definitely going to be a great addition. He’s going to get after the quarterback. Him, [OLB] Von [Miller], [OLB] Shane [Ray], [OLB] Shaq [Barrett], those guys are going to pressure the quarterback and it’s great to have so many pass rushers. It reminds me of Super Bowl year when we had so many guys just in and out, somebody can go and then another guy can come right of the bench, fresh. We’re all together in this. At the end of the day it’s going to work out great, and I think there’s going to be a lot of pressure on the quarterback that’s going to lead to more interceptions.”Bradley Roby"

Denver selected Chubb fifth overall, one pick after the Cleveland Browns selected corner Denzel Ward. Roby expected Cleveland to select the guy Denver initially got in the end.

Drafting Ward would have made sense for the Broncos, given that Talib was released and headed to the Los Angeles Rams. The team opted to boost the linebacker position instead.

"“I am surprised that the Browns didn’t select him (Chubb). I thought they were going to pick Chubb, in my opinion, but I can‘t hate on an Ohio State guy going for No. 4 overall (laughing). Every year we have a first rounder, and it makes me proud every time I see one of those guys step up on that stage. It will be good for them as well. It’s really what they feel like they needed to address, and they addressed it.”Bradley Roby"

Roby was once the young guy in the No Fly Zone. He had the privilege of being mentored by guys like Talib and TJ Ward, as well as Chris Harris Jr.

In the end, Roby gets his shot at competing with top receivers.

"“It wasn’t just those two guys, it was collective. Chris came up with the term “No Fly Zone” but we all got here the same year. It’s not like they were here before and they taught us the ‘Broncos Way.’ We all thought we were dogs, and we all felt like we were the best. Every time we went out there, it was, ‘Be a dog and be the best,’ and that’s what we were. Chris came up with ‘No Fly Zone’ because we weren’t having it. We just set the tone.”Bradley Roby"

The Broncos selected cornerback Isaac Yiadom in the third round (99th overall) in April’s draft. Even though Roby doesn’t know much about Yiadom, he said that the rookie is “a great pick.”

"“I’ve never seen him play, but I trust in our staff. I talked to Coach [Defensive Coordinator Joe] Woods about it the other day about it, and he said, ‘He’s a great guy, [you’re] going to like him, and he’s a good long corner.’ That’s what the league is turning to. I believe in our staff, I believe in [President of Football Operations/General Manager John] Elway.”Bradley Roby"

Roby will have a chance to help mentor Yiadom, and whoever the Broncos bring in during training camp. Whatever changes the team makes, Roby will embrace the challenges he is faced with, as he has his sights on becoming a great replacement for Talib.