Video Highlights: Denver Broncos Nab Keishawn Bierria

SEATTLE, WA - OCTOBER 31: Running back Jared Baker
SEATTLE, WA - OCTOBER 31: Running back Jared Baker /

Double dipping at linebacker is what happened for the Denver Broncos with the addition of Keishawn Bierria in the sixth round…

The Denver Broncos addressed their need at linebacker with Josey Jewell in the fourth round, but the team felt it necessary to seek that position again with Keishawn Bierria.

Bierria can contribute on special teams and move up the chart with work ethic. The team did have Bierria in for a visit before the draft.

This is a common theme it seems on day three of the draft.

Throughout the draft process, the Denver Broncos seem to make it a priority of adding high character individuals to their football team. Bierria is fighter and change of direction is one of the traits to appreciate about his game. He can put his foot down change direction on a dime.

Scouts have noticed during this draft season his leadership.

One area to monitor about the linebacker is the future of Brandon Marshall and Todd Davis. Marshall’s future seems secure right now, but despite re-signing Davis, double-dipping at linebacker signals the team is bracing for a future without one or both of them.

Danny Trevathan and Corey Nelson were drafted late in the NFL Draft and became staples in special teams or starter. Time will tell if Bierria can be that guy; however, the Broncos notoriously show great confidence in these players to become integral teammates in the future.

Both Trevathan and Nelson were vital pieces in securing the third Super Bowl victory in team history. Drafting late is a John Elway specialty and Bierria might add his name to that list.

Bierria coming in for a visit continues this trend. Let’s see if Bierria is that great storyline during training camp.