Denver Broncos draft rumors: Sam Darnold may be an option

ARLINGTON, TX - DECEMBER 29: Sam Darnold /

Denver Broncos Draft rumors: The Broncos might be in position to cash in if things don’t go as originally expected, with Sam Darnold possibly falling…

Throughout the offseason, it’s important to learn to expect the unexpected with the NFL and specifically with the NFL Draft.

One thing no one has been expecting this offseason is for Sam Darnold to fall in the 2018 NFL Draft to the Denver Broncos.

As a matter of fact, most have expected Darnold to go first overall for the past few months.

Now, with little time left before the start of the 2018 NFL Draft, it seems likely the top overall pick will be Heisman winning quarterback Baker Mayfield.

Does that mean there’s a chance Darnold could fall to the Broncos?

In short, yes.

The Broncos are said to covet Darnold as well as Mayfield, and could even look to trade up to the second overall pick with the New York Giants to get him.

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If Darnold starts to fall past the second pick (the Giants were at one point considered to be very interested in him) I could see him falling to at least the fourth overall pick, with the New York Jets apparently having a lot of interest in UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen.

There are so many factors at play here, but if Darnold gets past the first or second pick, there’s a very good chance he could be a Denver Bronco when all is said and done.

A number of Broncos fans don’t want the team to take a quarterback. Heck, most of the players probably don’t want the Broncos to take a quarterback. But if the Broncos have a chance to get a top quarterback on their board, that will be hard to pass up on regardless of their circumstances.

There is not a clear-cut plan for the future at the position beyond the two years Case Keenum is signed for.

Darnold needs some seasoning, but his intangibles, playmaking ability, and upside are too appealing to ignore.

If Darnold is available to the Broncos, they almost have no choice but to take him.