Could the Denver Broncos move up a spot and get Sam Darnold?

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Could the Denver Broncos move up one spot and get their future quarterback in USC’s Sam Darnold? The Browns may be interested in making it happen…

There has been talk about the Denver Broncos trading down in today’s first round of the 2018 NFL Draft. Another possibility is trading up and snagging USC quarterback Sam Darnold.

One scenario that is in play for the Broncos is moving up just one spot. The Cleveland Browns currently own the fourth overall pick. That could change within the hours leading up to the draft. It could also change while the Browns are on the clock with their second pick in the first round.

According to Michael Lombardi, who spent 2013-2014 as Browns General Manager, the Browns are considering trading the fourth overall pick and aren’t looking to drop a long way down the draft board.

“Hello, Cleveland? This is John Elway. Yes, that John Elway. Remember, ‘The Drive’?”

You may think that moving up one spot isn’t a big deal. It is. It’s huge. It could make or break your draft. If I’m Elway, I make the trade happen.

When it comes to the top of the draft, you’re looking at guys like USC QB Sam Darnold, Penn State RB Saquon Barkley, Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield, and the two Josh’s — UCLA QB Josh Rosen and Wyoming QB Josh Allen.

As of right now, just under five hours until the Browns are on the clock, the identity of the first pick is still unknown. For a while, it was almost a certainty that Darnold would be the selection to Cleveland. Recently, however, another possibility has surfaced: The Browns selecting Baker Mayfield first overall.

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If that’s the case, and the Broncos do in fact trade spots with Cleveland, the likelihood of Denver getting their hands on Darnold, who is considered the most NFL-ready quarterback in this year’s draft, will become stronger.

Moving up one spot won’t cost the Broncos a lot. Despite the move happening in the top five, the fact that teams don’t have to worry about paying a top draftee $50M guaranteed makes a huge, huge difference.

If the Broncos move up to #4, and the Browns’ love fest for Mayfield is true, here’s how I think the top five picks pan out:

1.) Browns: QB Baker Mayfield

2.) Giants: RB Saquon Barkley

3.) Jets: QB Josh Rosen

4.) Broncos: QB Sam Darnold

The Jets taking Rosen over Darnold seems unlikely. Sure, it probably won’t happen. It is the Jets, though. In a perfect world, the Denver Broncos get the best quarterback in this class. The Giants look to be clear on passing on a quarterback, as most mock drafts have them taking Barkley.

If Denver sees their future quarterback in the top five, the selection of Barkley to the Giants would be huge.