Denver Broncos draft rumors: Bills trade talk heating up?

IOWA CITY, IOWA- SEPTEMBER 2: Quarterback Josh Allen
IOWA CITY, IOWA- SEPTEMBER 2: Quarterback Josh Allen /

Denver Broncos 2018 NFL Draft rumors: Are the Buffalo Bills closing in on trading up into the draft’s top five picks? Where do the Broncos stand?

The closer we get to the 2018 NFL Draft, the more trade rumors between the Denver Broncos and other teams in the top five picks are going to heat up.

The Buffalo Bills have the most draft capital to work with among the teams not currently in the top five picks looking to potentially move on a quarterback, and thus, they have some flexibility and leverage.

Because of the number of high picks the Bills own, they have likely been having discussions with the Giants, Browns, Broncos, and Colts to gauge the cost of moving up.

Like every other team, the Bills have undoubtedly worked through every possible scenario, and they are close to pulling the trigger on the best one.

The best scenario for the Bills might not necessarily be the best scenario for the Broncos, however.

Jeff Darlington of NFL Network reported on a conversation he had with Bills general manager Brandon Beane, and had some really interesting nuggets we can pull apart:

So, this is confirmation first and foremost that the Bills and Giants have had discussions about the number two overall pick, and the Bills’ general manager himself doesn’t believe the asking price is too high.

So why hasn’t a deal been one yet?

The Bills might not yet be certain that player they consider to be a ‘franchise quarterback’ type is going to be on the board with the second overall pick. No one — including others in the league — seems to know what the Browns are going to do with the top pick right now.

My guess is, the Bills covet either Sam Darnold or Josh Allen, but I could be wrong in that.

It seems the Bills are not only interested in possibly trading up with the Broncos at this point, but they could be interested in moving ahead of the Broncos.

Darlington mentioned they have talked about the second and fourth overall picks, which means they would rather not leave some things to chance.

It also indicates to me somewhat the level of the Broncos’ interest in a quarterback with that fifth overall pick, if the Bills still feel the need to get up ahead of them.

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Perhaps the Broncos don’t want the quarterback the Bills do. That’s where a trade for the fifth overall pick comes into play, and thankfully for the Broncos, there is at least one other team that could drive up the value of the pick to ensure they get the best package possible.

If the Broncos trade down with Buffalo, they would need to demand at least two first round picks, just based on the current market price to move up for a quarterback that far.

The Bills would also probably be required to include one of their two second round picks, and possibly even more than that.

We don’t know details of what has been discussed, but the Bills will probably be looking for the best bang for their buck when trading up. That should go without saying, but no team wants to give up more than it has to, even for a quarterback.

That said, the Bills are paying the price of not having a solidified quarterback situation and going to the playoffs last year. Going to the playoffs showed this coaching staff is on the right track, but they can’t go into next season with A.J. McCarron as the only viable option.

That would be a fireable offense.

Ultimately, whether they have to include future assets or too many 2018 assets, the Bills are going to have to pay up to move up, and the Broncos would rather be the benefactors of that than victims of getting jumped.