Denver Broncos: Top 15 first-round draft picks of all time

Von Miller, Denver Broncos. (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)
Von Miller, Denver Broncos. (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images) /
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Unless you’re a diehard Broncos fan, you probably haven’t even heard of Louis Wright before now. He isn’t often mentioned among the best cornerbacks in NFL history. However, if you saw him play or even heard someone who did talk about him, you’d understand.

Wright was one of the greatest cornerbacks of his era, even finding his way on to the NFL’s 1970s All-Decade Team alongside names like Willie Brown and Jimmie Johnson. Seriously, he was that good at covering opposing receivers and making life difficult for quarterbacks who dared sling it in his direction. What’s more is he possessed unparalleled tenacity as a run defender.

It makes it even better when you consider that Wright spent all of his 12 NFL seasons with the Broncos. During that time, he played in 166 games (all but one as the starter), intercepted 26 passes, made five Pro Bowls, two All-Pro teams and made one Super Bowl appearance.

Wright was a shutdown cornerback before there was such a thing. He was one of the main members of the “Orange Crush” defense, and will go down in Broncos history as one of the truly elite cornerbacks to call the Mile High City his home.