Denver Broncos receiving multiple calls about trading down

The Denver Broncos are reportedly already receiving multiple calls from teams looking to trade up in the 2018 NFL Draft. Will they stay put?

Mike Klis of 9News in Denver is reporting that three specific teams have called the Denver Broncos about moving up to the number five overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft.

Those teams, according to Klis, are the Miami Dolphins (who pick 11th overall), Buffalo Bills (12th, 21st overall), and Arizona Cardinals (15th overall).

Why are these teams, presumably looking to move up for a quarterback, calling a team that is potentially targeting a quarterback themselves?

As has been stated a number of times throughout the offseason, the possibility exists that the Broncos will not take a quarterback with the fifth overall pick in the draft. That would require the right player falling to their pick, and right now, it looks like the player the Broncos are most interested in drafting at that particular position is Baker Mayfield.

Will he be available?

I’m not so sure.

Just a few days before the Draft, it feels like the New York Jets have targeted Mayfield as ‘their guy’, and while there’s still plenty that could happen between now and Thursday, optimism for the Broncos’ chances of getting Mayfield is dwindling.

Having multiple trade options in place is a wise thing for the Broncos to do early. John Elway stated that the team will be going through different scenarios starting Monday, and that means figuring out what situations would necessitate a trade down.

Could the Broncos get multiple first round picks and more for the fifth overall pick?

That’s not out of the question at this point, and that would be tough to pass up.

While it’s difficult to see the Broncos passing on a quarterback altogether in this draft, it’s not that crazy to think Elway would forego an opportunity to take one at five overall if he’s able to get a huge haul of picks back in a trade.