Case Keenum will meet with Peyton Manning to pick his brain

ATLANTA, GA - DECEMBER 03: Case Keenum
ATLANTA, GA - DECEMBER 03: Case Keenum /

New Denver Broncos quarterback Case Keenum will meet up with Peyton Manning at some point to ‘pick his brain’ on things…

Peyton Manning was inducted into the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame, and in speaking with Denver Broncos TV, he talked about everything from when he signed in Denver to the Broncos’ newest quarterback, Case Keenum.

According to Manning, he’s opened himself up to Keenum as a resource.

That’s something apparently Keenum isn’t going to take for granted.

The two are supposedly going to meet up at some point in the near future so Keenum can pick Manning’s brain on some things.

Watching that interview with Manning, you can’t help but wish you could go back to the ‘best of times’.

Manning is legendary, not just as a player, but as a personality and someone who, when he speaks, you want to listen.

It’s awesome for current Broncos players — especially quarterbacks — to have this guy living in town and as a connection. Manning may not have all the time in the world, but he is able to schedule some time for players like Keenum who can go golf a quick 18 holes and pick Manning’s brain about what it means to be a professional, or what it’s like to carry the mantle of ‘Broncos quarterback’.

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There is pressure on every quarterback in the NFL to perform, but the title of Denver Broncos QB is something that carries plenty of historical weight. Manning and Elway were Super Bowl champions with that title.

Jake Plummer should be a Ring of Famer.

The first ever African American quarterback in the NFL was a Denver Broncos quarterback.

There have been many others through the years who have been AFC Champions or AFC West champions, so there’s plenty of pressure historically with this position to perform.

Keenum understands that as a Broncos historian himself, or at least one who was a fan of the team 20 years ago.

Even if Keenum faces stiff competition from a rookie quarterback coming in, that rookie should be no different in pursuing a relationship and even mentorship with Manning. While he’s still got some ‘free’ time, there could be no better person to meet up with every once in a while to talk shop with.