Su’a Cravens ‘can’t wait’ for fresh start with Denver Broncos

LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 28: Su'a Cravens /

The Denver Broncos acquired safety Su’a Cravens in a trade with the Washington Redskins, and the former second rounder can’t wait for a fresh start…

Su’a Cravens may have needed a shift in perspective after injuries forced him into a year-long ‘retirement’.

Quite literally, the shift in perspective helped to open his eyes to what he knew he was missing.

"“I never thought at 22-years old I’d be at home watching football instead of playing football.”Su’a Cravens (quotes from live press conference)"

Cravens was a star player at USC and was a second round draft pick of the Washington Redskins. The Denver Broncos reportedly coveted Cravens and had him graded as a first round player on their draft board in 2016, but the team needed a quarterback and moved up for Paxton Lynch instead.

Obviously, a player graded that high was not on the board when the Broncos picked again at the bottom of round two.

That situation could turn out to be somewhat of a blessing in disguise, however, as Cravens played and tolled just one season on his rookie contract with the Redskins as he was placed on the reserve/left team list in 2017, meaning he did not accrue a second season in the NFL.

At just 22 years of age, Cravens could be the young spark the Denver Broncos needed for their defense.

He’s eager to provide it.

At his introductory press conference with the media, Cravens explained that the Broncos made him feel ‘wanted’ and that has been a big point of emphasis for him ever since his name was put on the trading block back in February.

The Broncos have been pursuing Cravens, and found a way to get a deal done for a player they obviously value very highly for their defense.

Cravens said he believes he is a strong safety, but he’s also willing to play wherever the coaches put him. He’s just happy to be in Denver, and has been star-struck, receiving phone calls from John Elway and text messages from Von Miller:

Cravens addressed a wide range of topics in his press conference, including the rumors that have been coming out regarding his quitting the team at USC in addition to quitting the team with the Redskins.

He said there would eventually come a time when he would talk about that, but he didn’t throw anyone under the bus in particular. He did have this to say, however…

“I’m not a quitter. I’m not a guy who lacks love for the game.”

It seems like rumors surrounding Cravens and his love for the game have been unfairly mixed with a genuine worry about his health, his future, and whether or not he was ready to be a professional football player.

Cravens suffered a concussion with the Redskins, and said he experienced a period where he ‘didn’t know what was going on’, so he sought professional medical help.

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To provide some context, it wasn’t like Cravens was unaware of where he was, but he couldn’t understand why he missed the game and being around his teammates and playing on Sundays, but obviously something still wasn’t right.

After a year off from the game, getting plenty of medical help, Cravens is ready to be in Denver. He’s eager to prove people wrong. As he posted on his Instagram minutes after the trade was reported, it’s a ‘whole new world’ in the Mile High City.

Cravens will provide the Broncos with a particular set of skills the team has been sorely lacking the past few seasons. The Broncos struggle to cover running backs and tight ends in the passing game, and this is a player who specializes in that area.

He can also blitz, and has the range to play really anywhere from the linebacker position to the back end of the defense.

This was a sensational addition by the Broncos, just for the fact that they got a player that two years ago graded as a first round prospect on their draft board and essentially gave up a fifth round pick to get him.

Sure, they gave up some positioning in the draft, but in terms of what they relinquished, this was a great move for a team that already seems to have found a couple of gems in the defensive backfield from that 2016 class in Justin Simmons and Will Parks.

Cravens brings some physicality, a great personality, and a renewed passion for the game to Denver.