Denver Broncos were interested in Tyrod Taylor trade


The Denver Broncos have tried to acquire Tyrod Taylor in the past, and they apparently tried to do it again. The Cleveland Browns easily outbid others…

Back in 2015, the Denver Broncos were interested in acquiring quarterback Tyrod Taylor via free agency, as he had worked with Gary Kubiak for a year in Baltimore, and Kubiak had a feeling he could be something special as an eventual starter.

Taylor didn’t want to wait another year for Peyton Manning to retire at the time, and opted for a contract with the Buffalo Bills, where he became a Pro Bowl starting quarterback.

Three years later, Taylor was again apparently of interest to the Denver Broncos, but they were once again out-bid for his services.

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The Broncos were understandably interested in a trade for Taylor, but I’m guessing the highest pick they would have offered would have been their third round compensatory pick, or perhaps one of their two fourth round picks.

Taylor ended up going to the Cleveland Browns in exchange for pick number 65 overall, basically a back-end second round draft choice.

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That’s a great haul for a player the Bills really didn’t want anyway, and now Buffalo is even more well-equipped with draft capital this year to move up from their 21st and 22nd overall picks in the first round and get a quarterback.

Ironically, this may not be the last time the Broncos and Bills talk trade for a quarterback. If the Broncos are able to secure their quarterback in free agency (Kirk Cousins), then it’s possible the Bills could look to trade up into that fifth overall slot if the passer they covet is still on the board.

The Broncos, unfortunately, might be picking too low for the Bills to be willing to wait and see if the quarterback they want will slip past a couple of other teams that might be interested in moving up.

Had the Broncos acquired Taylor, I don’t know that it would have prevented them from taking a quarterback early in the draft, but it definitely makes you wonder.