Denver Broncos: Drew Brees is Still a Free Agent


There is one player for the Denver Broncos that nearly equals Peyton Manning in free agency and it is Drew Brees…

The Denver Broncos need a starting quarterback and, somehow, the New Orleans Saints have yet to lock up Drew Brees. It has been said there won’t be another quarterback like Peyton Manning to hit the market. However, there might be a slim chance it happens again.

If the Saints have not locked up Brees yet, there’s a possibility it won’t be done on March 12-14.

The Broncos more than likely could deviate from the plan of Kirk Cousins as priority number one. As evidenced in previous posts, a player like Cousins does not hit free agency at his age. The same could be said for Brees.

Despite the past two two seasons, the Denver Broncos could have some appeal to Brees. There’s a great defense and the Broncos are keeping their two key wide receivers for at least one more year. John Elway running the show is the biggest appeal. He’s the Broncos’ top executive, but he is their Hall of Fame quarterback too.

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This is the same argument for why Cousins is considering Denver.

Yet another point to ponder for Brees is the opportunity to take a crack at the team that he started his career with:  The Los Angeles Chargers.

Brees, if he is a free agent, becomes the best quarterback on the market. While it is quiet with New Orleans and Brees right now, there must be teams at least having internal dialogue if Brees becomes available. One team would have to be the Broncos. Let’s be honest.

Unfortunately, unlike Peyton Manning there remains a strong possibility Brees remains in New Orleans. But until the pen hits paper, Brees is the most interesting name to monitor at quarterback for the Denver Broncos, not named Teddy Bridgewater.

Make no mistake Kirk Cousins is target number one, but if Brees is out there still it could flip flop.