Report: Todd Davis a player the Denver Broncos want back

SAN DIEGO, CA - DECEMBER 14: Linebacker Todd Davis
SAN DIEGO, CA - DECEMBER 14: Linebacker Todd Davis /

The Denver Broncos are reportedly interested in bringing back linebacker Todd Davis. The question will be, at what price?

The Denver Broncos are certainly going to be one of the most interesting teams to watch in free agency, but what of some of their own players in-house? Linebacker Todd Davis is someone the coaching staff values highly, and the Broncos would like to have him back.

John Elway stated this to the media at the Scouting Combine, but the Broncos are taking appropriate steps to at least exchange figures with Davis and his agent.

According to Nicki Jhabvala, the Broncos are doing more than just saying nice things about their starting linebacker — they are going to be speaking with his agent this week:

So, it sounds like the players and the teams are motivated to get things done. Why test the market if that’s the case?

Davis is playing a position where the Broncos are already paying top dollar for a player in Brandon Marshall. If the Broncos feel the upside of Davis (25 going on 26) is high enough, they could possibly prioritize bringing him back and looking at their options with Marshall starting in 2019.

This is all a very fluid situation, obviously. Davis is a young, talented player at his position, and he has started 29 of a possible 32 games over the past two seasons, but the Broncos need to decide if he’s worth a major price tag.

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Anything higher than $4 or 5 million per season seems like a bit excessive for Davis, who has 179 total tackles over the past two seasons.

Davis is one of the Broncos’ better run defenders at the linebacker position, but at this point has proven questionable in his coverage abilities.

Could they justify a long-term deal, or a high cap hit from this guy?

The coaching staff has always spoken really highly of Davis, who came to the Broncos after signing on as an undrafted free agent with the New Orleans Saints back in 2014. When Nate Irving, a former third round pick of the Broncos, had to go on injured reserve, the Broncos poached Davis.

He’s been an incredible value, just like Brandon Marshall was.

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Re-signing Davis would mean yet another undrafted, unheralded gem gets a second contract. That’s a good look for the Broncos, who would be honoring the play of someone who has worked incredibly hard to earn a second deal.

But again, the price has to be right. Can the two come together?