Johnny Manziel has been connected to Denver Broncos before

Johnny Manziel, who’s not only rehabbing his image but himself, is getting into playing shape, & making a comeback. He and the Broncos were once connected..

Johnny Manziel and the Denver Broncos?

It’s a far-fetched idea, and highly unlikely to happen, but it sounds (and looks) like Manziel is getting himself back into playing shape, and has allegedly made connections around the league with some alleged interest in his ‘#ComebackSZN’.

Manziel is making believers out of a lot of people with his comeback attempt, including former Browns teammate Joe Thomas who has been highly critical of Manziel in the past.

If Manziel is working as hard as his social media posts seem to indicate he is, then at the very least, his appearance in the 2018 Spring League is going to be fascinating.

Back to Manziel and the Broncos…

Back in 2016, it was reported/rumored that the Broncos might have interest in signing Manziel with some significant stipulations, including him getting professional help. Obviously at that time, Manziel was not making wise decisions and things never worked out between he and the Broncos, but he has one potentially significant advocate in Denver’s front office:

Gary Kubiak.

As a fellow Texas A&M alum, and as fellow former Aggie quarterbacks, Manziel and Kubiak have some form of a relationship beyond just being acquaintances, and Kubiak had reportedly reached out to Manziel in 2016 about a possible job with the Broncos ‘down the line’.

This would be pretty well down the line, now almost two years after the fact.

If that report is true and Manziel is willing to take zero dollars of guaranteed money and also potentially be part of a team’s practice squad, why not give him a shot? Sure, it’d be a bit of a publicity stunt, but if the Broncos don’t get Kirk Cousins then they will start exploring all options.

Like I said, I don’t think Manziel is a likely option, but maybe we wait and see how he plays in the Spring League, and think about the fact that he’s still just 25 years old, willing to work, and isn’t going to cost you really anything.

As of this current moment in time, what would the Broncos have to lose?