Jacksonville Jaguars out of Kirk Cousins sweepstakes

FOXBOROUGH, MA - JANUARY 21: Blake Bortles
FOXBOROUGH, MA - JANUARY 21: Blake Bortles /

The Jacksonville Jaguars are no longer a contender in the Kirk Cousins sweepstakes, making the path clearer for the Denver Broncos…

The Denver Broncos will have one less suitor to compete with in the Kirk Cousins sweepstakes in this year’s NFL free agency frenzy. The Jacksonville Jaguars have reportedly agreed to a new contract with quarterback Blake Bortles, a three-year pact that takes them out of the running.

Bortles was under contract for 2018, but the Jaguars had the ability to release Bortles with no dead money if they wanted to do so.

They have obviously opted to stick with the guy they drafted back in 2014.

This move doesn’t necessarily lock the Jaguars into Bortles for the long-term, but they are definitely banking on him being the guy to lead them where they are trying to go over the next two seasons, at least.

For the Denver Broncos, this is great news.

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In my estimation, the Jaguars presented one of the most legitimate threats to sign Cousins roster-wise and in terms of their cap assets.

Jacksonville could have easily afforded Cousins, at least on a front-loaded deal, and could have offered him a tax-free contract in the same state where Cousins’ father is the pastor of a church.

It would have moved Cousins closer to home and put him on a team that had just made it to the AFC Championship game, but that’s no longer a possibility.

With the Jaguars out of the mix, you’d have to think the Broncos, Jets, Vikings, and maybe some team like the Cardinals are the favorites to land Cousins. Jacksonville is no longer a threat, and I would have pegged them as a top three finalist if they were to pursue Cousins.