Emmanuel Sanders is in support of signing Kirk Cousins

DENVER, CO - NOVEMBER 13: Wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders
DENVER, CO - NOVEMBER 13: Wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders /

Denver Broncos wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders is in favor of the team going after free agent quarterback Kirk Cousins, and is almost back to full health…

Denver Broncos wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders has been the subject of a number of rumors this offseason, but has obviously not been focused on things outside of his control.

That doesn’t mean he won’t answer questions when asked.

Sanders was asked recently what he thought about the Broncos potentially signing Kirk Cousins in free agency, and here’s what he had to say:

Everything right now seems to point to the Broncos making an aggressive pitch to Cousins, and hopefully making him their next franchise quarterback on a five- or six-year contract. Cousins has stated on a number of occasions that he feels ‘set’ financially and is looking for the best fit and chance to win in free agency.

Does this mean Cousins is going to take a discount to play for the Broncos?


Everyone that will be in the mix on Cousins will likely make comparable offers, so this is a rare case where the player is not likely to be lying about the fact that it isn’t all about the money.

Cousins is going to make a ton of cash with his next team, and the Broncos stand as good of a chance as anyone.

Sanders is part of why the Broncos stand a pretty good chance, so it’s odd that his name has come up as a cut candidate.

The timing is just not right for that.

The Broncos would have to eat about $5 million in dead money if they rid themselves of Sanders this offseason, and it makes no sense to throw that kind of cash to the wind for a guy who isn’t going to be on your team, and who is still very good when healthy.

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Speaking of health, the piece in which Sanders spoke also included an update on his health, where he said his ankle (injured in week five against the New York Giants) is just about 95 percent.

It’s crazy the type of injury Sanders suffered and played through, and even now one week away from the month of March, he’s still not 100 percent.

Sanders has always shown toughness but this is a whole new level, even for him.

For him to play through this injury with the quarterback play the Broncos had this past year is pretty admirable.

It would be great to see what the duo of Sanders and Thomas could do again with a young quarterback. They will be two of the Broncos’ biggest selling points if they are to sign Cousins to a long-term contract.