Denver Broncos: Brian Cushing An Option in Free Agency?


The recent release of Brian Cushing from Houston might add intrigue to a market of linebackers that features the Denver Broncos.

There’s no sugar coating it for the Denver Broncos and the linebacker position. Todd Davis is expected to test the free agent and could land a more expensive contract. On the other hand, Broncos have thought about retaining Nelson. Question for him becomes the money and years of the deal. It would be a great sight to see Nelson return. However, Denver remain interested in adding depth or a possible starter.

Rewind back to 2009, Brian Cushing was drafted by the Houston Texans. When healthy, Cushing’s impact can not be overstated. He moved with quickness sideline to sideline, but the injuries seemed to impact the depth chart and play time. His best year actually came when Gary Kubiak was the head coach of the Texans.

Brian Cushing has failed to meet 100 tackles in every season with the Texans. Again, multiple suspensions are another thing to consider with lack of playing time. These are things to consider in signing the linebacker.

Rumors will be abound with connections of Brian Cushing and the Broncos. Equally important, if the Denver Broncos do sign Cushing, Loren Landow (arguably the best strength and conditioning coach around) will do everything to get him in the best shape of his life. The Broncos most recent hire of Landow might play a pivotal roll in free agents coming to Denver.

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Furthermore, the NFL Draft includes younger better options for the Denver Broncos. The current best bet for the team is to re-sign Corey Nelson, continue to groom Zaire Anderson, and draft a linebacker. This is the best possible solution to solving the linebacking problem.

For now, Brian Cushing is a no from me.