Does John DeFilippo hire affect Broncos’ Kirk Cousins pursuit?

Does the Minnesota Vikings’ hiring of former Eagles QB coach John DeFilippo affect the Denver Broncos’ Kirk Cousins pursuit?

When looking at all of the factors surrounding the chase of Kirk Cousins this offseason, everything has to be considered.

The Denver Broncos obviously present a very attractive opportunity for Cousins, but they are not the only NFL team capable of making a strong offer.

The Minnesota Vikings, whose top three quarterbacks are all unrestricted free agents this offseason, are one team that presents a particularly great situation for Cousins, one that includes two Pro Bowl receivers, a Pro Bowl tight end, and a young running back that probably would have made the Pro Bowl had he stayed healthy all year.

Not to mention, the Vikings had one of the most improved offensive lines in the NFL last season, and boast a top five defense.

But there will be significant hurdles for the Vikings to overcome if they are to pursue Kirk Cousins in free agency.

First and foremost, the financial impact of adding a player like Cousins would have to be navigated. It’s certainly not impossible for them, but it would come at a cost, more than just financially.

The Vikings would likely not be able to keep some of their star-studded 2019 free agency class in tact, and would have to let a really talented player, maybe two, walk to free agency if they were to sign Cousins.

The following year, the Vikings have to look at re-signing tight end Kyle Rudolph.

With the cap rising annually, it’s possible the Vikings could sneak Cousins in under the cap at a lower number after 2018, front-loading his deal and giving him a huge guarantee up front.

But aside from all of the financial details, what does the Vikings’ latest move mean for their pursuit of Cousins, football-wise?

That move, of course, is the hiring of offensive coordinator John DeFilippo, who was brought in to replace Pat Shurmur, the new head coach of the New York Giants.

DeFilippo was the quarterbacks coach in Philadelphia this past season, where he and the Eagles’ staff obviously worked wonders with Carson Wentz and Nick Foles.

Does DeFilippo’s presence have any sort of impact on whether or not the Vikings will be able to land Cousins?

There are reasons I think both yes and no.

DeFilippo can’t be expected to be around for more than a season, maybe two. He’s going to be a hot head coaching candidate and was already being interviewed this year. His coordinator position in Minnesota is just another step closer to that.

If Cousins is looking for a coordinator with longevity, this might not be the right situation.

On the other hand, looking at what DeFilippo did this past year coaching up the quarterbacks in Philadelphia, Cousins may look at that and see a great opportunity to learn from a great young coach, if even for a brief time.

Ultimately, I don’t think this move will sway Cousins one way or another, since he would likely go in with the knowledge that his work with DeFilippo would be short lived. It could deter him, if anything. Learning a different offense three seasons in a row is hard enough. Mastering it?

That’s another issue entirely.