Von Miller has already been talking with Kirk Cousins

LANDOVER, MD - DECEMBER 24: Quarterback Kirk Cousins
LANDOVER, MD - DECEMBER 24: Quarterback Kirk Cousins /

Denver Broncos superstar pass rusher Von Miller has already been talking with Kirk Cousins. He spoke with the Dan Patrick show recently…

In an interview with The Dan Patrick Show, Denver Broncos superstar Von Miller made some pretty candid comments about Kirk Cousins, a possible free agent pickup for the Broncos.

Denver Broncos management is, of course, not allowed to talk with Kirk Cousins or his representatives about a contract per league rules.

But that doesn’t mean the Broncos’ players can’t start talking to him.

It sounds like Miller has already begun the recruitment of Cousins. I don’t think when he says he has ‘chatted’ with Cousins recently, he’s talking about when he sacked him in the regular season in Washington.

With the NFL very obviously full of teams desperate for quarterbacks, the Broncos are in a rare position. Not only do they have the need, but they also have the cap flexibility and the roster to justify such a move.

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Imagine if the Broncos had drafted Cousins, and were trying desperately to keep him around. The alternatives might not seem so great. That’s one reason why I’d be in favor of either Cousins or a rookie with the top five pick. You invest highly in the quarterback position with your top assets.

The Broncos sort of did that with Paxton Lynch, but that year’s class was Jared Goff, Carson Wentz, and then a complete crap shoot, as if the draft weren’t enough of one already.

They tried (maybe not hard enough after the fact), and have clearly not made enough progress or seen enough return on that investment to be confident in Lynch going forward.

Miller is not the first Broncos player to publicly talk about the possibility of adding Cousins, either. Brandon Marshall mentioned Cousins (not by name, though) in an interview with NFL Network.

I would expect more and more of this as the offseason progresses. This Broncos team, in my opinion, can compete with a veteran quarterback like Cousins running the show. This statement by Von Miller only fortifies that thought.