Mike White adding to quarterback intrigue for 2018 class

MIAMI, FL - NOVEMBER 24: Mike White
MIAMI, FL - NOVEMBER 24: Mike White /

The quarterback class of 2018 is one of the best we’ve seen in some time. Here’s how Mike White could factor into the mix for the Denver Broncos…

As we continue to examine some of the top options at the quarterback position for the Denver Broncos in the 2018 NFL Draft, it’s become abundantly clear that this is the best class of players at the position since the 2012 NFL Draft.

That draft class, of course, included Kirk Cousins, who is rumored to be the apple of the Denver Broncos’ eye in free agency, but the Broncos must be prepared if Cousins takes a superior offer or finds a fit he likes better with another team.

If that’s the case, one name that is adding some significant intrigue in this year’s draft is Mike White, formerly of Western Kentucky and the University of South Florida.

I watched — like many of you — as White looked sharp from the very first snap of the Senior Bowl, but it was this interview with the TV crew at NFL Network that really opened my eyes to what this kid brings to the table:

One of the stigmas for players coming from Western Kentucky (see: Doughty, Brandon) was the worry of a system producing a player and numbers, rather than a player making a system look great.

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For Doughty, unfortunately, that proved to be the case.

For White? It could be a different story entirely.

As White notes, he played in a pro style offense early on at South Florida, and has worked with three different systems in the past five years. He came to Mobile with very little expectation from the media because of the other quarterbacks in attendance, namely Baker Mayfield and Josh Allen.

But with so much focus on Mayfield and Allen, White’s work went pretty underrated throughout the week, and he capped off a good week of practices with a very nice showing in the game itself.

I’m really intrigued by white and what he brings to the table. Depending on what the Broncos decide to do with bringing in a veteran — whether Cousins or someone else — White could be an excellent developmental piece and we’ll have more in-depth scouting on him as the offseason goes along.